At HSDC, we envision an inclusive, accessible world where everyone is understood and respected. That is even more relevant today.

As the Executive Director and Board President, we see not only our impact on people receiving direct services from HSDC, but the reach of that impact to their families, workplaces, and the community around them.

Much of our recent work has been focused on how we can serve more people while resources are shrinking and the need for our services is growing. During Fiscal Year 2019, we made progress on all of our strategic plan goals: being leaders in our service areas, ensuring those we serve are reflected in our organization, increasing awareness of our brand, investing in staff and technology, and strengthening our financial model. In particular, addressing the latter goal through the expansion of HSDC Interpreting Services and the divestment of real estate holdings allowed us to directly invest in other areas.

Our commitment to being leaders in our fields compels us to bring firsthand knowledge and experience to those we serve every day. One of our biggest successes has been investing in hiring high-quality professionals that are representative of the community we serve.

Back in 2019, we couldn’t have imagined the challenges that awaited us in 2020 with COVID-19, as well as the growth that would come with the Black Lives Matter movement. We pride ourselves on being community-driven. As we move forward, we will continue to follow the community’s lead in determining where we should focus our efforts.

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Misgina, a Deaf woman who primarily uses American Sign Language to communicate, comes to HSDC’s Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services for support that keeps her and her family living independently. Our Client Advocates help her book appointments and fill out important forms that might otherwise fall to the wayside. They even helped her purchase her house.

“They provide good help, and I’m happy and thankful for all of them!”


The Equity Team has continued to become an integral part of HSDC. In August 2018, the first Equity Survey was sent to the staff and board, collecting valuable demographic information and opinions about equity inside the organization, which the team used to guide their work. During Fiscal Year 2019, they presented at three HSDC staff meetings about inclusiveness for deaf and hard of hearing staff members and racial equity.


Our Audiology department provides comprehensive evaluations, hearing screenings, and hearing aid service, as well as assistive listening device consultation. We endeavor to offer access to hearing aids for all income levels, through our programs and through our community partners.


DHHS provides free support to Deaf and hard of hearing community members who face communication barriers at work, at home, or in the community. We also provide workshops, presentations, and trainings to organizations who wish to better accommodate deaf and hard of hearing clients, customers, or employees.


HSDC Interpreting Services provides quality access for Deaf, DeafBlind, hard of hearing, and hearing individuals across the Puget Sound and Washington State, accommodating a wide variety of communication styles.


PIP is the only birth to three service in Washington State that teaches deaf, deafblind, and hard of hearing toddlers to use American Sign Language and English. Enrollment is free for families in King, Pierce, and Snohomish Counties.


Rosen Preschool is the only preschool in King County that emphasizes bilingual fluency in American Sign Language and English for deaf and hard of hearing students. The curriculum is inspired by the internationally recognized Reggio Emilia model.


Our Speech-Language Pathologists offer tailored services for community members of all ages who experience a variety of speech-language differences, with the goal of removing communication barriers.

July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019

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"Diane and I have supported HSDC for nearly 20 years because it makes a positive difference for so many people and families in our community. The unique, caring, professional, and comprehensive services offered by HSDC improve people’s lives and, as a result, make our community stronger." - Roger and Diane Mauldin

Thank you to our supporters! You all help to move forward our efforts to create inclusive and accessible communities. We are grateful to you.

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