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"The Art & Ag Project cultivates a dialogue between artists, farmers, and the community to raise awareness about the importance of preserving farmlands and the visual arts in Yolo County."

I have been involved in the Art & Ag Project for the past three years with my images accepted in the Art Farm Juried Exhibit as well as the Art Farm Auction. Below are my accepted images for the Juried Exhibit.

Tomato Trucks (2016 Entry)
Wheelbarrows (2017 Entry)
Greenhouse (2018 Entry)
A couple of Saturdays ago I visited the Neilson Farm and spent a few hours wandering around the farm photographing whatever caught my eye for potential entries into this year's Art Farm Gala.
I spent a lot of time with the pigs. Here are some of my faves.

Here is my favorite little pig of the day. So cute and so clever! Here she is by the water spigot which is responsible for the pig pool. When she was thirsty she would press her snout against the button and get a drink. I am no longer going to eat pork!

so curious and friendly...

thirsty little pig...

may need to spend a little time washing those ears!

This is my entry this year for the Juried Exhibit. I call it "Pig Pals" . Will find out on the 24th if it is accepted. Fingers crossed.
And this is my entry into the Art Auction. I call it "Almond Reflections"

These next two images were inside one of the barns on the farm. I almost used these images instead of the pigs and the almond orchard but decided after much thought and consultation to go with my first choice of the pigs and the almond reflections.

However, I really loved being in this barn with my camera!


Nancy Chadwick