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Get started with Microsoft Teams for remote learning

Introduction to Microsoft Teams

Try a test call before your meeting.

Keep a note-book and pen to hand for notes that come up in conversation or use the Chat and notes functions.

Create an online meeting in Microsoft Teams

Get Microsoft 365 for free on your own devices

How to start a call from Chat in Teams

If you have an issue using your PC/laptop try meeting via a phone call using Teams.

The Desktop App can be better than using the Web App. It can be more effective for meetings because it goes through fewer connections so it will be less likely to drop connection but if using it on your phone it might be more difficult due to the size of the screen. Download the App

If you use other email accounts or even other Office 365 accounts (i.e. a student account and a staff account), your laptop or tablet will look for a dominant account for Teams. This may not be your UoD one. So, make sure that your University email account is the primary one set up with other apps like Skype, Outlook Client etc. Also make sure that you are not logged into other email accounts on your device.

Read the University guide on online meeting guidance and etiquette

Set up your own groups and teams

Look on these Microsoft support pages for more tip and advice on using Teams

Photo by Mika Baumeister Unsplash

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Photo by Mika Baumeister Unsplash