Japanese Creation Myth By Luis & Jude


Japanese Creation Myth talks about the legendary birth of the celestial and earthly world, the birth of the first gods and the birth of the Japanese archipelago.

Japanese Creation sTory myth

At the beginning the universe came in a beaten and shapeless kind of matter called "chaos", that sunk in silence. Later there were sounds showing the movement of particles. With the movement of the particles, the light and the lightest particles rose but the particles were not as fast as the light, therefore it could not go higher. The light was at the top of the Universe, and below the particles formed the clouds then Heaven which was to be called "Takamagahara" ("High Plain of Heaven"). The rest of the particles that didn't rise formed a very huge mass that is dense and dark called Earth.

Then a muddy sea that covered the entire Earth was created. Later, the ocean grew a green shoot, it grew and grew until it reached the clouds and then transformed into a god named "Amenominakanushi"; this first god had no definite sex. Soon Amenominakanushi grew all all lonely and started to create other gods. The last two gods it made were Izanagi-no-Mikoto and Izanami-no-Miskito, they were considered the most remarkable. One day, as the two gods were walking along, they looked down on the ocean and wondered what was beneath it. Izanagi used his staff into the water and pulled back some clumps of mud but some fell back into the sea. The two gods began to grow and harden until it became the islands of Japan.

The two gods then descended to these islands and began to explore and both going in different directions. As they explored, they started to create different kinds of plants. When both gods met again, they decided to marry and have children. The first child was a girl of radiant beauty, her name is "Amaterasu". The gods decided she was too beautiful to live in Japan, so they put her up in the sky and became the sun. Their second daughter, Tsuki-yami, became the moon and their third son Sosano-wo, was sentenced to the sea, where he would create storms.

Izanagi and Izanami went on to create the Japanese archipelago and gave birth to many gods.


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