Blotbots Friendly Impromptu mechanicals

Originally created somewhere around 2010 (They can time travel, after all), the Blotbots are here to help! When they emerge from their transitional phasing, they take the form of a nearby object and adapt.

Small & Helpful

Adapting from transitional phasing takes a lot of energy, so the Blotbots are small and the objects they scan and adapt to can fit in the palm of your hand!

Curious & Clever

Racing around & scanning everything

The Blotbots are fond of scanning office or desk objects like tape dispensers, glue nozzles and the like. They will adapt to almost anything though, even mountain climbing equipment and action figure accessories!

Wheels, feet, propellers, orbs & jets; anything to get around!

The Blotbots also want to help! They will bring you any objects they can carry (and they are quite strong for their size!) in order to help with whatever it is anyone may happen to be doing. Even if an item might not seem useful, the Blotbots will think it is!

Beeping is Speaking

Lights & hums & chirps

Wherever the Blotbots come from, they don't have language like ours. They'll flash lights, hum, beep, or chirp in expressive ways to get your attention and let you know things!

Looking up, looking down, and looking all around!

Mental Link?

So persistent in their cheery helpfulness, the Blotbots will form an understanding with you, and you with them! You'll be able to understand their beeps and chirps and the like as if they were actually speaking to you!

Training the Blotbots

Look for these tiny controls to help tune the Blotbots' speed, scanning, health, and communication (not all controls are on every one):

  • Toggle switchs
  • Red or green lights
  • Sliders
  • Various gauges
  • Radar or other screens

Identifying the Blotbots

It's pretty easy to spot the Blotbots when they're around, but just in case (configuration depends on their personality so physical features vary, but here's a good list):

  • Small
  • Buzzy, chirpy, beepy
  • Helpful
  • Tiny radar dishes
  • Little grapple arms
  • Itty bitty control panels
  • Yellow glowing eyes
  • Minuscule red or green lights
  • Various gauges and dials
  • Black body casing

Where do they come from?

Truth is: no one really knows! All that is known of them is that they brighten your day, they want to help; and they're always happy to play and distract from stressful and worrisome things!

Whatever size or shape they may adapt to, the Blotbots are always cute and willing to be a friend!

Whether it's to strut around on two spindly legs with on eye on the sky and one on the ground, or zip around with a tiny propeller and an eye that can look any which way; the Blotbots come and go as they please, helping here or playing there! The Blotbots can be found anywhere!

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David Potthast


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