FAB FACES Dave burgess photographs women

Inside every woman, there's a beautiful portrait just waiting to be revealed. Visit my studio, and I promise you this: I will make you feel great, me and my team will help you look your absolute best, and I will give you the most flattering portrait you've ever had. And you just might have some fun in the process.


Discover the secret Hollywood stars have known for years: studio lighting is flattering and glamorous.

This is Becky. Bet you can't guess her age.
Ashley. She's 5 foot 2, and those are five inch heels. Go for it.
Mysterious Megan
This is Beth. She's a grandmother.

It's OK to let your hair down


All women look great in black.

Victoria. Her friends call her Tori.

Professional makeup and hair is a big plus. We offer it right in our studio.

Lovely Lauren

Visit my studio, and I promise to help reveal the flattering portrait that is inside of you, just waiting to be unveiled. Call Dave Burgess today at 616.202.7290. Or visit www.studio616photo.com


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All photos ©Dave Burgess, Studio 616 Photography, Wyoming MI 49519. All rights reserved.

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