The Era Of Good Fealings by:jaydon golbderg

This is alexis de tocqueville. I'm 25 years old and this is how it feels to be an american. Being an american was an honor, you would be proud to be an american in the year 1800's. It meant so much, it meant that you were free and were protected. Being an american means that you are free and you are your own person and not owned by the government or anything. I belive if we didnt win the battle with great britian it would not have been such an era of good feelings for our state

this ties into my paragraph because it is the American flag and represents America.

We have just started a war with great Britain to gain respect and freedom , but when we went to war we have got a surprise the natives joined forces with the british now this will really test james madison's presidency. In the year of 1812 we have won the war and just got our freedom from the british and we are going to keep it that way. This resulted into to the era of good feelings witch lasted between 1812-1830. This time was the best time for some of the colonies like our country and others this meant that arguments could be solved with out violence and that there would be less wars, but it was not like this for other types of people.

this shows us that tthere was a war with amerce and the british and the Indians.
This ties into my wrighting because this is techumse and in this picture shows him as a strong leader witch he was.

The indians are going through some rough times now because they decided to join great britan in there voyage to defeat the ameirecans and they lost so there food sorce started to lean and there people started to died. But in the war of 1812 one of the most important leaders died and his name was tecumseh, he was the best indian leader but one wrong decion got him killed but before the war and everything sellers tryed to sell his land and kick him off of his own land but he said no and that you cant kick us of we should all share it it is free land to any body but the settelers were not happy so they continued there mission so they got mad and then they were so mad that they almost went to war this showed everyone not to mess with the indians, so after that the settelers said you can have it.

davy crockett war a strong soldier and this links in to this because this is a big part of davy crocketts life.

In the era of good feelings there was a lot of good achivements done and upgrades with out war going on like for example in art many people learned how to paint like folk art. Folk was artencompasses art produced from an indigenous culture or by peasants or other laboring tradespeople. In contrast to fine art, folk art is primarily utilitarian and decorative rather than purely aesthetic. Also in this time there was a lot of good progresses in you politics like for example there were 3 presedens in the era of good fealings and they were thomas jefferson, James madison, and James monroe they were all great they acomplished so much and controlled a lot of stuations.

this is one of the many peices of folk art from1800-1834

There was most upgrades in the aspect of music. The music was so powerful deep. One of the many types of music was spiritual witch was music made up but slaves, these soongs were about how slavery should be stoped and how they needed a moses mirical. Another type of music was called classical music and this was danced with a group of 4 people. The second to last type of music was fiddles and this was a form of ballroom dancing. The final type of music was minstrel and this was a honor to black music and black people.

this shows us a slave and when the gets put to work they make up songs and start to sing in hopes that there master lets them go or stops working them.

There was a group that that wasn't so faund of the whole era of good feelings thing and that was the indians, there food supplies was low and water supplies were low and there leader just died and they were not leaded so it was not a era of good feelings for them like it was to the other states like the U.S.

this ties into my writing because this picture shows a starving person and in my writing the Indians are running out of food and moving to starvation.

I guess we can all most all say that this time was a learning and progressing time for most states from arts to politcs, but it is not all good for the indians and britian but all and all it was a good time, less wars advancments in art, music, politics, and literature.

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