Watch Hill, Rhode Island mary Wanamaker

My cousins are from Connecticut and in the summer, when my family visits them, we go with them when they take their boat to Watch Hill, Rhode Island which is about an hour boat ride. Once we get to Watch Hill, my uncle and my dad dock the boat and then we go swimming, or walk and shop downtown or walk to East Beach.
About five minutes from where we dock the boat is downtown and then a little further up the road is another beach with huge waves, East Beach. As you walk towards the beach, on your right you will pass Taylor Swifts mansion, right in front of the beach. There are many security guards surrounding her house.
Downtown Watch Hill, they have restaurants, ice cream, candy store, cute clothes stores, jewelry stores, souvenir shops, bathing suit store, gelato, smoothies and stores to buy things for a day at the beach. You could spend hours shopping and getting treats while doing so, but the beach on the other side of downtown has waves me and my cousin cant get enough of and with the view of Taylor Swifts house in the background makes it hard to pass by.
Above is a photo of my cousin Maeve and I on the top of her boat in RI.
All these pictures are pictures taken in the duration of RI. The far left picture is a picture my dad took of my cousin and I knee boarding off the boat in the harbor on our way back to CT.

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