Virtual reality BBC NEWS

Do you know what virtual reality is and have you ever tried it?

Virtual reality is an environment which is produced by a computer and seems very like reality to the person experiencing it (Collins Dictionary)

Today we will watch a BBC report to understand why this new technology is taking off. After that, I will ask you to answer few really simple questions.

Do you feel impressed?

And here comes our tiny test

Please don't scroll down the page before replying each question

Question 1 :

The journalist is in:

  • a cellar
  • a seller
  • a shelter

The guy in the beginning of the video is in a cellar!

Question 2:

In ... College Hospital in South London:

  • King
  • Kings
  • King's

The right anwer is king's!


The patient now wants to take the stairs:

  • True
  • False

She's not afraid of elevators any more, so the answer is "false"

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