Children Of the new Millennium War By: nawed jan and Elijah Griffin

Children are affected by things around them. In this case kids are affected by war. The kids in the middle east and in America are affected by the war. These children are afflicted by the war in a different way. Kids that are stirred by war have had some negative affects.

Two kids play in rubble of a war as the artist draws in the imagery of a play ground.

In the Afghan wars, eventually America created an act that aided healthcare and education for children. In Leep, Mark's "Afghanistan support act of 2002" it was said "The act also provided a total of $80 million to Afghan agencies responsible for providing health care and educational services to women, and for monitoring of rights for women and children". This act defiantly helped kids in Afghanistan that are unfortunate enough to live in the era of war.`

Kids in America are affected by the war. One child named Julian Assange learned how program and hack as stated, "Soon, Assange took on the nickname Mendax (from splendide mendax, a phrase from Horace meaning "nobly untruthful"), and became known as a skillful programmer and hacker." Julian formed a group called the International Subversives, "Eventually, he and two other hackers formed a group called the International Subversives." They broke into many computer systems in Europe and North America but they looked around the files and not causing any harm as stated in, "Together they broke into computer systems in Europe and North America, intending, they claimed, to look around but not to cause any damage." Then they started to post on wikileaks classified information from the U.S. military and diplomatic reports quoted from, "Since WikiLeaks began operating in 2006, Assange was primarily known within a few technology and journalism circles; however, Assange gained worldwide attention when, over the course of 2010, WikiLeaks began posting classified material taken from U.S. military and diplomatic reports."

The new millennium war has taken a toll on our new generation. We need to stop and make peace so our new generation of children will not have to deal with the things most of us have dealt with. Children are the most affected by these things because their more younger and are too innocent.

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N Jan-93


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