photo challenge AUGUST 2020

10th Place (tie) - Bryce Seneca - JUDGES COMMENTS :: "The way the light has been captured on the rocks is beautiful. Just amazing how just a few minutes difference in movement of the sun can create such a different perspective. Stunning!"
10the Place (tie) - Mandy Pelton - JUDGES COMMENTS :: "Clean, epic, not over edited"
9th Place - Kyle Post - JUDGES COMMENTS :: "Superb framing. I LOVE this angle. Great control of the lighting as well." :: "The beauty of the giant centuries old trees that have survived firestorms juxtaposed to the tiny ground cover that has a life span of a few days."
8th Place - Ted Wilcox - JUDGES COMMENTS :: "Star filter works, great color and love the contrast of desert and snow."
7th Place - Ted Wilcox - JUDGES COMMENTS :: "What a sunset capture! I love this overlook in Wyoming at the Tetons. This shows the majesty of this place through great lighting." :: "Those color are so amazing! I just am in awe of the color palette of nature!"
6th Place - Madison Bentley - JUDGES COMMENTS :: "Love the ombré effect of the mist and mountains." :: "Almost perfect. All-blue subject keeps the eye focused on the structure and repeating pattern."
5th Place - Wade Mantlo - JUDGES COMMENTS :: "Really great shot. Simple. Soft. Good composition." :: "The stillness, peace, colors...it's all very calming." :: "Beautiful tones, perspective and sense of peace."
4th Place - Ted Wilcox - JUDGES COMMENTS :: "Really an amazing photo - complete rainbow, expansive waterfall and artful composition." :: "Nothing more beautiful than a symbol of God's promise." :: "Circle rainbow is amazing and not frequently captured. Love how the power of the waterfall and the power of the light make the gentle rainbow. Stunning."
3RD PLACE - WADE MANTLO - JUDGES COMMENTS :: "Awesome sky and cool to have detail retained in the foreground." :: "To be able to see into the stars. The rocks and the cliffs add dimension and scope." :: "Great capture of the night sky. Shows a good knowledge of their camera and ability to capture the dynamic range of the night scene."
2ND PLACE - BRYCE SENECA - JUDGES COMMENTS :: "The lightning was captured perfectly and I appreciate all the lines of the strike that are shown." :: "The sheer power of nature - nothing quite like a bolt of lightning. Perfect timing." :: "WOW. What timing for this shot. You can almost feel the power of the lightning! And the lighting is superb to be able to capture the lights in the woods as well." 
1ST PLACE - KYLE POST - JUDGES COMMENTS :: "Love the color, texture and movement." :: "The rocks and the angle, just stunning. Such a beautiful design & composition created by nature." :: "WHAT LIGHTING. Great capture of the colors, the lines, the upwards-gaze, and the feel of being small." :: "It looks like an abstract painting."