A Day in the Life of Leadership Academy Brenna Farrell, Chesterton HS

Junior Sydney Palmer listens intently to guest speaker, Dian Hadley. Palmer attends Floyd Central High School. "During the lecture, she talked about the censorship that occurs in schools," Hadley said. "It really stuck out to me."
Junior Haley Pritchett from Greenwood High School and classmates listen to their instructor, Julie Elston, ask a question about controversial topics to guest speaker Diana Hadley. Pritchett spoke up about the struggles of writing an article about the Netflix original series, 13 Reasons Why. "Since my administration is pretty supportive of the stories I publish, I wasn't really concerned about them being discouraged." Pritchett said. "I was, however, concerned that students would misinterpret my message. Thankfully that wasn't the case."
Senior Shannon McCloskey watches guest speaker Diana Hadley as she speaks. McCloskey attends Crown Point High School. "The lecture was very informative," McCloskey said. "This was information that we might not have gotten just from the website or a tour."
Senior Katie Salai from Medina High School reads the work she has completed for her feature story. Salai and her team are writing about a guest speaker and a former travel abroad student. "I'm one of the writers on my team," Salai said. "I'm also a photographer."
Senior Brooke Wyatt laughs along with senior Brianna Hendrix. Wyatt attends the School for Creative and Performing Arts and Hendrix attends Perry Meridian High. Wyatt enjoys being apart of journalism but understands it can be overwhelming at times. "It helps to think of the production and the product my team and I have created," Wyatt said. "Knowing that i am doing something i love and working towards my goals are also an inspiration keep going."
Senior Alexia Wojciechowski from Crown Point High School marks down some quick ideas for her teams project. Her and her team are a making a two page spread over the IU study abroad program. "I am in charge of design." Wojciechwoski said.
Arianna Buehler from Bloomington High School north concentrates on her job for her teams project. They are completing a 2 page news spread to show how safety factors into study abroad. "I gathered statistics and found a source to interview," Buehler said. "I interviewed him and wrote the section on his travel abroad story."
Senior Jack Schweizer from St. Louis University High School listens closely to teammate senior Genevieve Moran from Chesterton High School. Schweizer and his team are writing an article covering guest speaker Danielle Samek's presentation on IU's study abroad program. "I'm a writer and reporter," Schweizer said. "I also work on Indesign."

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