The great eruption of 1980 Deacon Colwell

Have you ever wondered how long mt st helens has been europing for. Well about 275,000 years ago.Mt st helens was a terrible tragedy that caused a lot of people to die and affected the earth, So let's talk about how mt st helens affected the world and people and how earth's processes made mt st helens europe.

So some causes of mt st helens was it has not erupted for a long time 3000 years ago it started squirting out basalt and andesite. Sciences discovered that earthquakes happened under mt st helens from 1.2 to 4 miles under mt st helens Volcanos have been europing for millions of years back but we don't know what to do to prepare for so when mt st helens brought out they sent of a huge letter saying what to do and how much food they need. They can now know when volcanos are going to europe or even know if one's going to form.

Mt st helens was terrible but some people think it was just a bad european but it also had a couple other effects. Mt st helens side got demolished and caused a big avalanche. Soon all the rocks slide into spirit lake right next to mt st helens. It caused a ridge 1,300 feet tall and roared 14 miles down the river. Next it killed a lot of trees, the avalanche caused a tremendous lateral explosion that ripped through the avalanche and developed a turbulence, stone filled the wind swept over ridges and toppled over trees. Nearly 150 square miles of trees got blown down or left dead and standing.

Mt st helens was a huge devastation to the world. But we can now learn how to prepare for these things now. Nor did a lot of people die, but the trees got destroyed. Also the lake to got demolished. We the people can now learn from this.


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