Artist. The Mb hanrahan story

This film is a documentry short that explores the life of MB Hanrahan. MB grew up in a home where imagination and creativity were paramount. Since her teenage years, she has pursued an artists life. The deeper I have fallen into her story, the more fascinated I have become. She lives a life of equanimity with her craft. She has a buddhist-like aura, though her tone and dialect are distinctly So-Cal. She's a very inspiring and somewhat addictive person to be around. She lives a pure and simple life, uninterested in status. Yet, she is not a monk. She thrives on being in her community and receives energy and inspiration from sharing her art.

This film will introduce us to MB and her way of being, inspire us with her plain-spoken wisdom, and entertain us with visual allegory. She presents herself as an artist, but because of the way she lives her life...I would like to present her as a a sage. One who lives a life of wisdom through her actions.

I would like this story to show us how beautiful a child can grow to be when they are granted the freedom to find and express themselves. MB is not driven by ego, she values and appreciates the little things in daily life. She exists to serve - to live and thrive in beauty. Like the Kuksi film reference, this is an uplifting sketch about the best of humanity. I have pulled a few select frames from the footage for this document so you can “feel the vibe”. I also have found strong inspiration in a film entitled "Bombay Beach" which is a documentary, but has the sort of lyrical beauty I am out to achieve here. Perhaps you could watch it if you find this project compelling.

Thanks for your time and consideration .

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