SYNAN RESEARCH: LABORATORY of IDEAS, PROJECT THRUSTER, TRANSFORMER OF ORGANIZATIONS The alliance of a training center, a project incubator-accelerator, a co-working space, and a space of conferences-workshops focused on innovation through research & development

1. DISCOVER Synan Research


We deeply believe that every human can make an adventure of his life, a story that will leave his mark, inspire future generations. We believe that behind every human being hides or has already revealed a talent and that when his talent is encouraged, expressed and shared then everyone can definitely make his life a work of art. We believe that everyone came into the world with a gift and that this gift is revealed by truly connecting with others. We believe that entrepreneurship is an excellent way in which creativity can unfold and develop

Our plan to bring to life what we believe in

  • Bringing together in one place through co-working, incubation and research: talents, professionals, consultants and researchers from 4 worlds (Digital & Digital, Visual & Graphic Arts, Fashion Clothing, Sport & Health) to create an explosive synergy : a Think Tank Hub
  • Boost the creativity and effectiveness of projects through the sharing of different professions, different universes, different visions
  • Encourage and push talents to build their dreams through an incubator and project accelerator
  • Connect different networks: A conference and meeting space in which constantly innovating ideas
  • Preparing the future of businesses in a world in turmoil
  • Innovate by offering businesses cutting-edge services through a sustainable economic model

Our world is changing

The way we create, consume goods and services, work, move, communicate and collaborate are in turmoil

Seeking the vision that ensures businesses continue to create and deliver value and thus continue to exist tomorrow is no longer an option

To respond to this revolution that is taking place, it is necessary to

Reveal, Incubate, Drive and Accelerate Innovative Projects

through training programs, incubations and acceleration

Research, Develop and Share the secrets of sustainable organizations

Through an innovative coworking space, a conference area and research programs




An ecosystem at the service of entrepreneurship and innovation


The alliance of 3 spaces

  1. A co-working space
  2. A training area, incubator and project accelerator
  3. A space of exchanges through workshops and conferences


4 different business worlds

  1. Digital
  2. Visual Arts & Graphics
  3. Fashion
  4. Health, Wellness & Sport

2 incubation programs

Sylearn & Inception

Destined for talent revelation, entrepreneurial initiation and business development

1 program of acceleration and transformation


Dedicated to organizations' sustainable development solutions through digital, change management, health and well-being. 100% of the benefits of the Syndev program donated to talent research and incubation

1 research program

Synan Think Tank

A laboratory of ideas to provide businesses with solutions for the future

Specific customized training programs

Workshops, E-learning or seminars on specific skills (Graphic & Visual Arts, Design, Web Dev, Digital Strategies, Data, Fashion, Marketing 4.0, Project Management, Supply Chain)

1 international expert council

The Synan Survey Council

Professionals recognized for their high expertise in their respective fields (Information Technology, Finance, Supply Chain, Project Management, HR, Business Development, Sport) and guaranteeing to Synan, through their critical eye, its legitimacy as research & development center

3 . Geographical choice for project installation

Synan will be established in Lille, a major European center with 7 major poles of excellence all 1 hour from Paris, London and Brussels. Sector chosen for its soul of arts and crafts, former capital textile world in strong development and full of talent in different fields but especially in the professions of fashion, visual arts, digital transformation (web designers, developers IT) and well-being (sports coaches, fitness). Lille metropolis is a pole of innovation where the marriage between art and digital has enormous potential (Zone de l'Union, Euratechnology, La Plaine Image, OVH, Museum La Piscine, Fashion districts, ...). The particularity of the Synan Hub will be its human size, its integration of very different universes, the emphasis on research and development and finally its offer Syndev to ensure the sustainability of local companies.


4.1 Reveal & Propel Talents and Projects

Programs for businesses creations

4.2 Develop & Transform your Organization

Program for business already running

4.3 Prepare for the future tomorrow


5.1 The innovative co-working space

Boost creativity and participate in research

  • A shared workspace offering resources to professionals : a Digital Space (IT Resources for website creation, web applications and mobile applications), a Fashion Space, a Photo / Video Space
  • A showroom presenting the work of the various creators (fashion creations, photography, video presentation of digital works: website, graphic creations)
  • A Conference space
  • Research programs for the development of innovative services
  • A mastermind open for the entire research center
  • The Synan Digital Workplace: thanks to the power of digital, allow actors around the world to collaborate on programs as if they were in the same place!

5.2 Training, Incubation and Acceleration area

Acquire the most anticipated skills tomorrow

A space in which training is given in different fields (Digital, Fashion, Photo, Video, Webmarketing, Management, Project Management)

Enter it with your dream and come out with a high value project

  • Accompaniment by experts
  • 40 or 400 hour incubation program spread over 3, 6 or 12 months for innovative project leaders from one of the 4 universes
  • Access to unlimited professional resources 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Access to Master Mind Synan Research (network of professionals who have all been successful in entrepreneurship)
  • Free access to the training center during the incubation period

5.3 The conferences & workshops area

1 space open to all with conferences on the world of entrepreneurship and workshops on very different themes oriented research & innovation. The space is open to artistic events to create synergy and allow innovation


6.1 Digital universe

  • 1 resource space for the creation of digital projects (Professional Development Platform for Website and Web Application, Mobile Application)
  • 1 Center of expertise in digital strategy through mentors
  • Agility Oriented Universe and Lean Start Up

6.2 Fashion universe

  • Environment with Fashion Creation Resources (from styling to product creation)
  • Digital design tools, sewing machines, sergers and embroiderers
  • Modeling software

6.3 The Graphic Arts & Visuals universe

  • Photo and Video Studio with resources needed to create visual and graphic arts (illustration, photo and video software and equipments)

6.4 The Health & Wellness universe

  • Dedicated to innovative Health & Wellness projects: Projects combining connected tools and human know-how
  • Development environment and connected tools available to develop health and wellness projects based on artificial intelligence


  • A business ecosystem at the service of Research & Sustainable Development with all the necessary resources for the propulsion and acceleration of projects on 300m square accessible 24/24 and 7/7
  • Universes that cross their ideas and each having a professional referent
  • Mentors who drive business creators
  • Talents that reveal themselves, exchange, share and inspire each other
  • A meeting place where great stories can be written
  • Digital trades in exchange with the fashion and well-being professions in order to progress together and innovate
  • Short and medium-term courses with long-awaited skills on the market
  • Conferences that bring fresh ideas and allow actors from different business worlds to connect
  • The human being at the center of all interest, technology at the service of the human

8. CalendAR

Synan Think Tank & Syndev Programs from June 2019

Sylearn & Inception programs planned from October 2019

Calendar of short courses (Business Development, Management, Digital, IT Development, Art Graphics, Design, Fashion, Photo), Workshop and Master Class to come (scheduled start January 2020)

Want to see this story written?

Meet and exchange more deeply with the project responsible at h.hamady@synan.fr

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