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Okay so lets get one thing straight I don't blog or write so if you just want to read about a girl that has no experience in writing and life then keep on reading ;)

My name is Delaney and I'm 12 years old. I've always wanted to be someone, not just anyone but someone with a good future and a nice family... ya that's not gonna happen. I might be cool now but later in life I'm gonna be even cooler, jk I'm probably gonna be a loser with no money living in my parents basement. I've never really been rich or poor, my family's right around the middle. Most of my friends have more money but say that they're poor, and that pisses me off, like ya you have frickin money we get it don't try to say that you have no money. But I have to suck it up and act like the big girl I am. BTW I might swear but I won't say any thing that should offend you or a loved one (that sounded so cheesy, I'm sorry) but I'll try not to swear as best as I can. I'll do a "blog" thing once a day 7 days a week so if you liked this then get ready for my other stories :)

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