Welcome to EDUC 500, Advanced Educational Psychology! Please take time this week to download and read the syllabus and course schedule chart, which will serve as the foundations of our time together. The text is central to your learning in this course, and there will be 6 quizzes on the readings and presentations, so please make sure that you have the correct text before class starts. Obtaining a copy of the APA Publication Manual, 6th edition, will also serve you well.

I invite you to visit my Faculty Information page to learn more about my background and interests. My contact information is also there, in case you need to get in touch with me prior to class.

Finally, I have a special request: please attach a photo in the introduction discussion board post so that I can associate your face with your name. This helps me tremendously, especially as I pray for each of you throughout the term. In addition, please include a word count at the end of each of your discussion board posts in this course -- the minimum word count is 300 for initial posts and 200 for response posts.

As a further note, this course has in the past been allowed to end on the last Sunday in the 8th week, but now will end on the Friday of the eighth week as the last day of the class.

Look over Syllabus and Assignment Instructions:

Syllabus and Course Schedule

Assignment Instructions


Week 1 begins this Monday. It is very important for you to take the course requirements checklist Monday night or Tuesday A.M. This is required for me to be able to submit that you are enrolled in the class--- Thus, if not taken right away, your financial aid can be negatively effected. Thanks for your cooperation!

This is a little video for the heart motivation. You may have to copy and paste the link into your address bar.

This is a trailer of James J. Braddock (a great boxer during the great depression). As you watch this focus on the story line. It is like life before the fall in Genesis, and life after the fall. That is one way to look at it. Another way to think about movie message is, what Braddock said in response to a reporter, when the reporter asked, “What is different about this time around Jimmy?” Although you do not see the reporter ask the question, at the end of this clip Braddock responded, "This time around I know what I am fighting for". His motivation was knowing why he was in the race. Do You know why you are taking this course. Believe me you work will show me if you do or not. God's Speed>

That answer is important to you and those who learn from you in the future.

I look forward to coaching and learning from you!


Chris Taylor, Ph.D.

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