A World of Soundscapes Painting a picture in your mind

After having visited and lived in different countries for the past few years, I’ve always found that those who embrace being uncomfortable and look forward to the unknown will leave most changed. Going on unexpected adventures that ended up with me riding on the back of muddy pickup trucks, navigating local markets, or coming across villages while trekking in the rainforest has forced me to fully experience any place I am in, in a way that I do not think I could have if I were only to stay in fancy hotels and visit the main tourist attractions. The more I've become aware of all my surroundings and my experiences, both the painful and the beautiful, I've also noticed that I pay more attention to the sounds around me. There are many people whose first instinct is to take thousands of pictures when they arrive somewhere new, because what they notice first when exploring a new place is what they see and not what they hear. For this reason, many people will ignore the soundscape or think of it as background noise, but for me the sounds of traffic or even the motor of a boat intertwined with the noises of nature or people playing the drums is an essential part of the culture and place. Instead of disturbing me, it draws me into a whole other world and I hope that by the end of listening to the recordings of overlapping soundscapes I have compiled, you too will find yourself captivated by what you hear and the picture it can paint in your mind.

***WARNING: Listen to the audio recordings before scrolling down to see the pictures!

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