UX Project Sampler A sampling of my craft & experience

created by Uday Gajendar, Principal UX Designer in Silicon Valley CA • via Adobe Spark

I've tackled a range of problems & domains over the past 15+ years of designing in Silicon Valley.

Full case study narratives for each project can be shared upon request, via 1-1 portfolio viewings.

PayPal – Mobile Point of Sale Bluetooth UX | 2017 - SHIPPED

[Duration: 1 year] As the Design Lead for PayPal Here (a competitor to Square), I was charged with defining an improved Bluetooth-based pairing model (and smartphone UI) for newly released mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) devices, produced by a third party vendor. This involved solving for customer-validated issues like poor battery life, obtuse pairing steps, and confusing hardware cues.

PayPal Here Bluetooth pairing UX and updated smartphone interface, successfully shipped.
PAYPAL – MOBILE UX Concepts for Merchants | 2017 - Explorations

[Duration: 1 year] Explored concepts for an "all in one" mobile merchant app to a) spark dialogue with internal stakeholders and b) solicit feedback from merchants on existing solutions. Analysis was based upon a deep look into merchant "Jobs to Be Done" against hypothesized needs per site visits at their shops (ex: need for daily operations, status of revenue/sales, outstanding invoices, multiple payment options, etc.).

PayPal mobile app analysis, incl models for feature parity & speculative UI layouts.
Weight Watchers - Mobile app architecture + wireframes | 2016 - Delivered

[Duration: 6 weeks] Facilitated 3-day workshop on improving the WW flagship app to support emerging users with discovered goals for personal wellness, beyond weight loss. Focused on core business goals around supporting "user community" and "personal coaching". Delivered mobile app architecture/flow & iterative wireframes for exposing such features within WW mobile app. Research and Dev teams subsequently validated & iterated after delivery.

One wireframe iteration of revised Weight Watchers mobile app, with hub-style UI model.
Medallia - Core App design system + workflows for new features | 2016 - Delivered / Shipped

[Duration: ~ 6 months] As on-site contractor, I supported the internal design team in extending the interaction & visual design system ("Ocean") and created workflow diagrams visualizing complex page/feature relationships for the core product – a robust enterprise suite akin to Salesforce (with heavy customization controls being transitioned from command-line to web-based UI). Detailed specs delivered to Dev and PM teams, per sprint cycles.

Range of design delivery at Medallia, from flow diagrams to UI layouts to visual specs.
Facebook – Ads API Onboarding flows + Admin UI | 2016 - Shipped

[Duration: ~ 3 months] As on-site contractor, I supported a team focused on improving the onboarding UX for the Ads API geared towards FB Ads developers, a highly technical audience. This included discovery and creation of coherent onboarding flows, with key dependencies on multiple subflows & features owned by other teams, etc. I also created sketches and mockups of the screens in a rapidly iterative fashion with remote Dev team. Delivered full visual specs for final production.

Snippets of highly complex onboarding flows for Facebook Ads API with UI layout models.
Peel – Mobile App Remote Control | 2015 - Explorations

[Duration: 6 months] As Principal Designer, I led iterative explorations of the visual & interaction design for remote control layouts (Peel is meant to replace the physical remote on your coffee table). The goal was to satisfy both ergonomic & innovative feature potential that addressed user demands for simplified access to TV / Home Theater systems. Project later de-prioritized to focus on a content instrumentation approach to lifting app metrics.

A range of touch-based layouts & gestural controls for an enhanced remote control UX.
CloudPhysics - Core App Redesign: Charting system, Partner Portal, etc. | 2014 - Shipped

[Duration: 1 year] As Director of UX (and resilient team of one!) I led the total re-design of the main web-based enterprise app, for IT analysts monitoring the performance of their datacenters via "predictive analytics" sent by the CloudPhysics engine. I revamped the charting UI system for multiple states, delivered visual specs for the Partner Portal, and updated various features for IT analysts, leveraging our internal Sales and Dev teams for expertise and customer validation. Full BayCHI talk on process & outcomes >

Brief snippets of visual charting system library for the "cards" UI metaphor of main app.
Screenshot of the updated Partner Portal for CloudPhysics partners.
Citrix Labs – Crystal Palace | 2012-2014 - shipped

[Duration: 2 years] Principal Designer for long-term experimental project with Citrix Labs (based in Sydney, Australia), exploring a cloud-based cross-device sharing service, that lets you move content among mobile devices. Iterated & validated various touch/gesture-based control systems for phones and tablets. Multiple patents filed, too!

A schematic analysis of the contexts & devices across a user's journey of using this new service.
One of the many interaction models explored for a cohesive, continuous UX across devices.
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Uday Gajendar

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