September 15, 2016

So the thing is, …America and its constant battle on drug warfare has been a reoccurring topic not only in American history but in Hip-Hop culture. Jay- Z has used his platform to educate the seriousness on the issue and the effects that they have over today. In doing so, he narrates a short film illustrated by Molly Crabapple to educate viewers on the “war on drugs”. The short film is titled: A History on the War on Drugs from Prohibition to Gold Rush. The piece stirs up a bit of controversy as to “why are white men poised to get rich doing the same thing African-Americans have been going to prison for?”

It’s undeniable that many incarcerated are African American men; the film takes us back to the 1970’s from the Nixon administration to Rockefeller drug laws. Further the period when the prison systems began to explode and start bringing in the heavy cash flow in the 90’s.

Nonetheless it goes into further detail about how America is number one in the amount of people incarcerated than any other country, comparing them to China, Russia, Iran, and Cuba.

What do you think? Comment below to leave your take on it.

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