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In Libya in 2011 of February, Libyan Civil war had violent protests against the government. The wild protests led to the first Libyan Civil War with foreign military. Then led to the death of Muammar Gaddafi who is a Libyan revolutionary, politician, and political theorist.

In Egypt, there are attacks on copts sinai as a message from ISIS. ISIS have released a video on increasing attacks on christian copts.

There has been many protests on stoping christian killings in Egypt. Many of copts have fled their homes after seven copts were killed in a span of 21 days.

On February 20th, bodies of 74 migrants heading to Europe wash up in Libya. The bodies were found near the western Libyan city of Zawiya. There are still 12 bodies missing and a survivor has been transported to a hospital in a coma.

Libyan Red Crescent finding the bodies and putting them into the body bags.

Algeria women soccer players waved a red card at stigma. The women are trying to promote the equality in sports. The swedish women's soccer team imprints powerful messages on their jerseys.

In Turkey there are protests for the detention of the german journalist Deniz Yucel. He is in jail for spreading terrorist propaganda.

In Syria, the death toll climbs due to chemical weapons. Nearly 1,500 people killed in chemical attacks in the five year Civil War in Syria. More than a third of the attacks have used chlorine gas.

The Taliban leader in Afghanistan urges people to plant trees for the good of the world. Taliban is known for all the violence they do. Also, they take advantage of the fresh attacks.

In March, suicide bombers and land mines gain progress by Syria's government forces to retake an ancient city. ISIS has been driven out of the ancient city Syrian city of Palmyra

ISIS dumped bodies in a desert sinkhole in May. Some victims were made to line up at the edge of the hole and were shot before being kicked inside. Some others were tossed in alive.

Israeli soldier sentenced to 18 months for shooting unarmed Palestinian attacker. The attacker lunged with a knife and long after, the attacker was shot and wounded.


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