Revolutions & Technology By Jackson Dewaal

Past: Industrial Revolution
Farms created more/better food which made people healthier
The population boom
People got healthier which made the death rate go down
This created more available workers and a higher demand for goods
We also got better medical supplies to treat people with which also helped bring the death rate down
The making of the steam engine revolutionized travel and transportation by making it easier to deliver and ship items while also taking people places
The Pros
Better transportations and lower death rates
The Cons
Child labor - Children were often forced to work under horrible conditions for very little money for long periods of time
Pollution - The building of massive factories created tons of pollution in the air
The Digital Revolution
Higher demand for communication
Demand to make activities faster and easier
The medical industry was hugely impacted by the digital revolution by making operations way safer
Everybody was effected with the invention of the cell phone which essentially took a computer, telephone and a camera and put it into one small device
The internet- the invention of the internet opened up everyone to amazing amounts of knowledge and help at the click of a button
The Pros
Faster communication and bigger amounts of knowledge
The Cons
Lazy people - with everything available at the push of a button people became used to this and no longer have to work for much
The Future
Flying cars - flying cars could became a part of everyday life since we still have a desire to do everything faster and humans can be very impatient, flying cars could make travel much faster
Holograms - holograms could change the world since we wouldn't have to actually be at a place we could just project ourselves to a certain spot
Drone delivery - drones delivering packages would make ordering online super fast and cut wait times down hugely
The Pros
This new inventions are mostly about time and how fast things can be done, with all of these humans would barely have to wait for anything anymore and life would be a breeze
The Cons
With these inventions people will get even more impatient then they are now, back in the day you had to work for stuff and now everything is at the push of a button. The further we go with technology the more consequences there will be, we should stop asking ourselves if we CAN do something and think about if we SHOULD do something

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