Journal app design

What apps do i use the most? Instagram, facebook, twitter and snapchat
Summary lesson (Questions):

1. Why apps are so popular? Apps make your life easier, they are easy to use by an affordable cost, they help people accomplish tasks in an easy and less time consuming manner.

2. What purpose do apps serve and what about them makes people keep wanting more? Apps are useful tools that solve problems and most of them are totally free, i think this makes people keep wanting to download them.

4 most useful APPS:

1. Facebook: Is a form of entertainment and communication, this is a useful way to be in contact with my family and friends.

2. Whatsapp: This is the app that i use the most, with this platform we can share messages and photos.

3. Twitter: Is a modern app where you can express yourself and share what you think, at the same time you can follow people, retweet and like tweets.

4. Snapchat: With this app you can record your daily activities, take photos and selfies, apply filters and maintain a streak with your friends.


(Kylie Jenner app)

1. Birthday Edition

2. Fast delivery

3. Coupons and Redeemable points

4. Color combination to create the ideal color for you

Xcode 1
Xcode 2
XCode 3
BOT (URL of gif)

Summary lesson (questions):

1. Which apps are easy to use and seem to "just work"





2. Reasons that some apps are easier to use than other apps:

-Increased engagement and interaction

-visible and bigger icons

-Instant access online or offline

-Clear app description

-Download velocity

-Instant and automatic updates

3.Did you agree on the reasons?

-Yes, we think the same way, of course there are more easier apps to use than others, starting with the updates, velocity, and access.

Making a Shopping List

Lesson 1 (reflection Questions)

What surprised you the most about using playground? That you can experiment with programming ideas without making a full application. You can write codes and watch them execute.

What other types of calculations could you store and run in a playground? See errors in mistyped instructions and correct them.

Lesson 2 (Reflection Questions)

What might this code be calculating? A multiplication and a sum of real numbers.

What might this second code be calculating? The code is using clear names for its values, so we certainly know it is calculating the duration of a video.

Why is it important to use clear names when writing code? To know specifically what we are talking about, and how to easily detect mistyped instructions to rapidly fix them.

Lesson 3 (Reflection Questions)

What apps do you use that show text?

- facebook



What apps do you enter text?


Do apps you use behave differently depending on what text you enter?

No, they contain the same instructions, the only thing that changes is what is diplayed in my personal wall, so that more friends of mine can see them.

Lesson 4 (App Dive)

What makes for a good UI? When you are using an application it should clearly and specified say what will happen next when you click a button.

What makes for a bad UI? When you dont know where to click in order to make things work, and you just keep with the question.

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