Architecture How architecture has evolved throughout time


The message that all these pieces have in common is how the architecture planning has changed through out time. Some images I made were long ago and some are new, you can definitely notice the difference from the old and the new. I focused on the audience that I'm trying to attract and added images because a high percentage of people I want to reach out to are visual learners. For the Drawing they required me to look back at the differences and see how building aren't done only for supporting people but now they are done as a way to show art.

Plans shown as an example of how they were back then
Most buildings now are being created a different way and more creative.

The Art of Architecture

Buildings became bigger

Plans became neater

Back then plans were scribbles

Today they still are symbols

Endless stupid ideas

Later became into crimea

When the key is to calculate

The solution is fate

Although this may seem fake

The art of architecture will never break


Step 1: Make any type of design for a building or just draw a simple building

Step 2: Focus on what you have drawn

Step 3: Now look up the new architecture ideas

Step 4: Find out the difference... What do you see?

Step 5: Houses and building have evolved throughout time, compared your drawing with the new building, you will notice how the world has been changing and ideas as well.

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