Learning Journal Adobe Train the Trainer 2017: LaDale Whaley

This journal was created at to share my work created during the my participation of the 2017 Adobe Train the Trainer course on the Adobe Education Exchange.

Creating Learning Journal and Introduction Video

The learning journal is a great way to document and share the knowledge, skills and work created during the PD courses. It also provides great practice for building a portfolio. The assignment also asked that we make an Introduction video. I choose to use my iPad for this task. I recorded a brief video answering the questions given and uploaded it to Vimeo.

Week 1 | Creativity in a Necessity

Lesson Plan

The lesson plan outline for week one is to come up with an idea or concept for the training. I have been asked to give some beginner training to Photoshop, Illustrator, and Acrobat. Therefore, I decided to begin with Photoshop for right now. This may change in the future.

Photoshop Image and Reflection

I've been using Photoshop for over 17 years, so I simply decided to make an image that reflected my favorite saying by Sir Ken Robinson, with a bit of metaphoric imagery. My saying was "Creativity is a Necessity, NOT an option." The image is a desktop computer, water bursting from the top. As a designer we need our computers, as well as water to live. Thus saying that creativity is part of our survival.

Week 1 Adobe " Make" Assignment | Photoshop
Week 2 | Creativity in Education

Make: Badge

I have always enjoyed using Illustrator and found that this image came to me quickly, and I was able to executive it easily. I also noticed that it quickly evolved from my sketch on paper to what you see displayed.

Week 2 Adobe "Make" Assignment | Illustraor

Best Practices in Technology Training

I have been conducting technology training/ classes since 2008, and have even completed the Adobe Train the Trainer course previously, yet it wasn't until now that I know see the use of questions as objectives as a great way to engage, inform and guide the learning process.

Week 3 | Are Schools Killing Creativity?

Schools Kill Creativity

Schools kill creativity. I believe that the educational process should encourage students to explore creative solutions to ideas, concepts and issues. In my opinion, education systems focus more on their goals; financial growth, numbers, and success, instead of the success of the student. By focusing on the student, education systems can embrace a creative approach to the learning process. One that is flexible, adaptive, and meets the needs of the student.

Week 3 Adobe "Make" Assignment | Indesign
Week 4 | Adobe Apps in Education

Adobe Apps in Education

I have used the Adobe Creative tools for many years. With the recent increase in apps, I personally believe Adobe has made the creative process easier for those not as comfortable using the major or heavy hitter. Adobe Spark (in my opinion) is one that has truly helped transform presenting content. Yet with this weeks assignment, I now must add Xd to that list. The Adobe apps when used can certainly influence and encourage creativity in the classroom.

This weeks assignment was a challenge because I had never used Xd, although I had downloaded it. Nevertheless, after completing my project, I am now a fan of the tool. I choose to create a simple quiz test the knowledge of the users on the Design Principles & Elements. It is not the full quiz, but a brief sample of what it might look like in a course.

Week 4 Adobe "Make" | Adobe Experience Design CC
Week 5 | Strategic Grouping

Strategic Grouping

Strategic grouping is key to a successful training session. Although I learned this the hard way, I now plan to group my participants in several ways. Which include:

  • Novice with Current Users or Pros
  • Subject
  • Techies with non Techies
  • Similar interest

Week 5 Adobe "Make" Assignment | Premiere

This week I decided to use Adobe Premiere Clips to complete the assignment. I have used Premiere for yes, due to the fact that I was a video editor for a news station for 6 years. Yet using clips was more challenging because it was very simple, and didn't offer all the bells and whistles. However, I can see how this can be used to create educational recourses and even lecturing material.

Week 6 | Creative Assessment

Assessing Creativity

I have always found it difficult to assess creativity, however it is a requirement when teaching creative courses and trainings. Therefore, I have often tried to assess the execution of the assignment, effort taken to complete the assignment, and the use of the tools to complete the task. I also believe that in assessing creativity the experience of the student with the tools and topics must also be considered as well.

Week 6 Adobe "Make" Assignment | Character Animate

Character Animate can be a key tool for the near future for me. However, this assignment did show me that I will need to spend many hours working to make successful elements for online courses.

Week 7 | Formative Assessment

Assessing Creativity | Formative Assessment

In my opinion, on-going assessment is the most effective formative assessment strategy to use during a class or training. It enables the ability to clarify, explain or offer alternative solutions as needed. It also enables the student to experience the best learning environment possible.

This weeks assignment wasn't too bad. In the past I've always used garage band. However, now that I know Audtion is so easy to use, I will be making the switch.

Week 8 | The Final Plan
Adobe Photoshop Basic Bootcamp Final Lesson Plan
Created By
LaDale Whaley


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