Mental/Emotional By: Gisselle Noveron

3 Basic Mental/Emotional needs?

Exercise because it gets your brain to think about something other than the bad things you are dealing with.

Sleep because it lets your brain rest.

Communication because you can talk to someone about he problems you are having.

What have we learned about emotions?

The things we have learned about emotions is that they can lead to serious things like depression, suicidal thoughts, and much more others. There are good emotions and bad emotions. The difference between those is that good emotions let you have a good day and bad emotions let you have a good day.

What are some healthy ways to deal with strong emotions?

Some ways you can deal with strong emotions are during a nice cool refreshment, breath, talk to someone, and more.

How can you help a friend that is feeling down?

The way I can help a friend that is feeling down is that I can tell someone to help her or talk to her myself and see what is going on. But don't try to solve the problem because it can get worse.

What are different types of stress?

Chronic stress, anxiety, acute stress.

How does your body respond to stress?

The body responds to stress by your blood pressure going up, anxiety, hard breathing, and more.

How can you deal with stress in a positive way?

You can deal with stress in a positive way by avoiding caffeine, relax, meditate, talk to someone, and more.

What is bullying?

Bullying is someone who forces him or her to do what one wants. For example talking bad about someone constantly non stop is bullying.

What is the difference of being mean and being bullied?

Being mean is saying something once and never saying it again, and being bullied is something that is constantly happening for a long period of time.

How does bullying affect the bullied person and the bully?

Bullying affects the bullied person by getting hurt feelings and feeling down, and bullying affects the bully by making themselves feel better for hurting other people.

Self- identity Vs. Self- esteem

Self identity means who you are and self esteem means how you feel about yourself.

Signs of Self-Harm

Cutting, scars, sharp objects with them, wearing long sleeves or pants to cover up, difficult relationships, and more.

When to seek an adults help for mental health issues?

Seek an adults help for mental health issues when feeling depressed or having disorders.


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