Ancient Australia By:Brooke Hale

The aboriginals had a strong spiritual relationship and were isolated from the mainland until Europeans arrived. They believed in preserving the land, despite the isolation, Australia is a rich and developed country.

Australians made a very complex sureal relationship with the land, their environment was everything to them and saw it has their main belief system and spiritual grounding. They developed traditions with these ways of life with the land and new languages on interpreting their ways of life with others to be passed down.

Fossil evidence has shown that the earliest Australian people have a range of various physical variation that would show they were geographically a widespread population. The fossils also show two different genetic linages. Today modern aboriginals are the result of the two different genetic linages.

This ancient ancestors have left a mark on the world today, and have made song, spirituality, dance and traditions for ceremonies. There is a thing they say to pass down their beliefs and ways of life, called the Dreaming, to see and understand the law. They've made paintings on the walls or art and ways of teaching. As well as over time different languages were created, adding up to about 25 main languages. These people were isolated, and have overcome so much to be known as the first indigenous people and have been apart of our ancestry. They still leave today their memories and ways of life that were passed down and still told today.

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