Howard Carter's great discovery the man, the myth ,the legend!

Do you know about a man who made such a legendary discovery, it changed the history of Egyptology FOREVER? Learn about this man who was told time and time again that he would never find what he was looking for but didn't care and carried on searching but didn't give up and carried on! This man's name...was HOWARD CARTER! A legendary Egyptologist who discovered a tomb long thought to have been stolen!

Howard Carter was born in 1874. He was a sickly child (this means he could get easily sick) and was sent to live with his aunts. His father was called Samuel Carter,he worked as a successful portrait artist. And his mother was called Joyce Carter. Samuel wanted Howard to be a painter like him. Howard didn't want to do this, he wanted adventure. Howard told his father that he wanted to work with an archaeologist in Egypt. With his father's help,he got the job that he wanted.

Howard's new job was sketching ancient artifacts for some of the best egyptologists of his time. Many people praised young Carter for his modern and innovative methods of sketching artifacts and thus fame followed. Over the years however, he started to believe that Egyptologists had overlooked the tomb of the boy king, Tutankhamen.

Eventually, Howard got lucky. A wealthy lord called Carnorvon whom was interested in Ancient Egypt.


Created with images by Gaurav D Lathiya - "untitled image" • Daniel H. Tong - "The Sphinx Lost in Time" • Daniela Turcanu - "untitled image" • Ali Hegazy - "Egyptian Museum (Cairo)"