Mercury By: janete

The diameter or size of the planet : The diameter of mercury is about 3,032 miles (4,879 km)

The period or rotation and revolution : It has the period of 58.6 Earth days and the revolution is that the Sun takes three sidereal days of mercury, or 176 Earth days, to make a circuit of the total length of its solar day.

Average distance from the sun : 88 days

Origin of the planet's name :The name mercury is native of mercury god the god of commerce and messenger of the god.

Average surface temperature or range of temperature :The temperature is 700 degrees Kelvin (k 800 F.430 C grades)

4 interesting facts :

1. Mercury is the innermost planet in the solar system and the eighth in size and mass.

2.The difficulty of seeing that despite, Mercury was known at least by Sumerian times back, about 5,000 years.

3.In classical Greece Apollo was named Apollo when it appeared as a morning star just before sunrise and Hermes, the Greek equivalent of the Roman god Mercury.

4.At first sight, the part of the planet that has been photographed has an appearance similar to the one of the ground of craters of the Moon.

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