Almost 30 and I'm still single ...atleast i'm not 16 and pregnanT

A look into my life as an online dater. Get ready for some laughs...

Let's start here. Oh, hey John. I appreciate your love for cats and all, but I'm going to go ahead and swipe left. I have no idea why you are single. You seem like a real catch!

Joe, you're such a gem.

You can always find pervs online. No need to even go to the bars! What did people do before online dating?! 🙄😂

No words.

Ouch! Dammit Daniel, doesn't that hurt?! 😳

First date back on tinder after my last relationship and this guy ate off of my plate...with his fingers. It was fried rice! PSA- THAT'S NOT A FINGER FOOD! He never asked. Then, he ordered tequila shots, which I had to kindly decline. Obviously, I had to stand him up when we left to go to the next bar. (I did text him and let him know, although he was very unhappy with me)

We were talking about our dreams of meeting dates at the grocery store, not online. Of course, it quickly took a turn for the worst. Perv central. How do you go from apples to lube?! I'm here to tell you, (with evidence) that it can indeed happen.

Atleast, he's not throwing around sexual innuendos, right?! 🤔

Oh, Patrick was by far the worst. Poor jaded soul. He really needs someone to love him...any takers?


I'm good. I hope khaleesi is the cute one...this is from game of thrones, right?

🤦🏻‍♀️ later TJ. He was only here for a week. The girls at work must have not read his bio when they were so kindly swiping for me! 😂

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