Elephants By ella the elephant

HIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!! My name is Ella, Ella The Elephant. Let me tell you a few things about myself. I like food, a lot! I like salt, grass, salt, leafs, tree bark, oh, and did I mention that I like salt.

Me and my gang, we love bathing, it's such a pleasure, and it's essential, because you humans think “that us elephants are disgusting.” UUUU GGGG HHHH When I bathe myself, I swallow up water (from a natural water source,) in my trunk. Then I shoot the water up from my nose onto my body. After that I role in dirt to protect my skin from parasites. Ha, Do you bathe in dirt, I bet not.

But, I am so fat, I eat 200-600 pounds a day. You humans eat about 3 pounds at the most in a day. Us elephants eat leaves, bark, twigs, shrubs, bushes, fruits, roots and flowers. But one thing we love the most, is salt. My mouth is watering just thinking about salt. I don't know how you humans like whatever chocolate is, or “pizza.” But, all I know is that I love salt. Now, we can keep talking about food, or we can get on with our lives and talk about something else.

Elephants can be 6,000 to 16,000 pounds!

Now, I don't really use this skill a lot. I don't use this skill because it really isn't needed being the biggest land animal on earth. I only need this when my baby is getting attacked. When my baby is getting attacked, I get all up their face! NO ONE HURTS MY BABY!!!!!!!!!! Alright, now that we've cleared that up, when my baby is getting attacked, me and gang circle around the baby, then the predator cannot get to my baby. But, the only thing that can take down me, is you. Those L shaped black things that shoot metal pointy thingies, yeah, those hurt. My friend got shot by one of those things before, then the RUDE person who did that took his tusks, HIS TUSKS!!! I don't mean to brag but, I never get attacked, I'm kinda too cool for anybody to want to attack me, I find myself pretty popular. Now, you humans should stop hurting elephants for their tusks, or else things are going to happen.

Just between you and me I’m not very attractive. I have to walk on 4 legs, you only have to walk on 2. You’re so lucky. I also am so big that sometimes it hard for me to walk around. I hate it! I wish I was a human. It’s very hard for me to get married, not just because I’m not very attracting, because I have a big gray trunk and two large tusks. I can’t kiss. It’s sad being me with those large ears and thick, tough, wrinkled skin and thick pads on the bottom of my feet. I have a big gray body with wrinkles every where and I have HUMONGOUS feet. I'm like a size 34, and a regular women human body only has like a size 6-9. I also have a tail, A TAIL!!! It gets annoying sometimes, it tickles my back side. So, if I were you I would never, ever, wish to be an elephant.

I live in a rainforest. My best friend, Clare, lives in the desert. The rest of my family like my aunt’s and uncle’s mainly live in dry grasslands, mountains and swamps. I am pretty sure that my uncle Jerry lives in India or Africa or maybe Southeast Asia.

Now, listen up, if you ever need anything from me, I'll be there, because I am a nice elephant. J.K! You humans killed my friend, weren't you listening. Peace!!!!! P.S. ELEPHANTS RULE THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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