Roosevelt's New Deal: The Great Depression By: Eric Fassbender

  • FDIC: Federal Deposit Insurance Corperation
  • Banks
  • Insured that each bank deposit is up to $5,000. Now insures some deposits up to $100,000
  • This is a Reform
  • TVA: Tennessee Valley Authority
  • TVA built a number of new dams and power stations that provided electricity, flood control, and recreational facilities for the region.
  • This is a Relief
  • SS: Social Security
  • It provided unemployment insurance to workers who lost their jobs. The act provided pensions to retired workers older than 65. In a shared federal-state program, the act provided payments to people with disabilities, the elderly, and the wives and children of male workers who died.
  • This is a ReforM
  • CCC: Civilian Conservation Corps
  • 250,000 young men left their homes and went to army camps for CCC training. When trained they planted trees, cleared underbrush, created park trails, and developed campgrounds and beaches in the nation's parks and forests.
  • This is a Relief
  • SEC: Securities and Exchange Commision
  • The SEC regulates companies that sell stocks and bonds.
  • This is a Recovery
  • Federal Project #1
  • This program sought to encourage pride in American culture by providing work to artists in the fields of writing, theater, music, and visual arts.
  • This is a Relief
  • Wagner-Connery Act
  • The act guaranteed labors right to organize unions and to bargain for better wages and working conditions.
  • This is a Relief
  • AAA: Agricultural Adjustment Administration
  • Paid farmers to reduce their output of corn, cotton, dairy products, hogs, rice, wheat, and other commodities.
  • This is a Recovery

These acts and principles address our nations struggle by bringing the economy back up along with agriculture and giveing the civilians power

The role of the government has been changed from helping the public with their struggles to helping themselves. So they are helpful no us less

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