The play's the thing

The Theater Department rehearsed the spring play “Almost, Maine” on Feb. 20 and 21. Centered around the northern lights, “Almost, Maine” is about the special interactions between people. It is broken up into vignettes, each with a unique title and characters.

Seniors Jacob Warfel and Katie Berry rehearse their performance of “Her Heart.”Photo by Kelsey Jones
Senior Sam Hansell rehearses “Where It Went,” performed with senior Marsela Riddle. Photo by Jordin Baker
Acting downcast, senior Gavin Hensley performs “Story of Hope” with senior Lydia Springer. Photo by Jordin Baker
Junior Jackson Doane kisses senior Caitlin Lindbeck during their performance of “Getting It Back.” Photo by Kelsey Jones
Senior Madeline Holloway helps support junior Julia Dye as she stands up in “They Fell.” Photo by Jordin Baker
Seniors David Masengale and Lilly Leslie discuss a painting in “Seeing The Thing.” Photo by Jordin Baker
Looking into each others eyes, junior Jayden Spencer and freshman Katie Osborne practice “Prologue.” Photo by Kelsey Jones
Created By
Jordin Baker


Jordin Baker and Kelsey Jones