Ela Definitions & Examples Per.1- Gohan Thao

Logos - An appeal to logic.

Example - Example:

“We don’t have single-sex toilets at home, and we don’t need them at the office. Then there’s also the small question of efficiency. I see my male colleagues waiting in line to use the men’s room, when the women’s toilet is unoccupied. Which is precisely why Delta Airlines doesn’t label those two bathrooms at the back of the plane as being solely for men and women. It just wouldn’t fly.”

– Ian Ayers

Ethos - An appeal to credibility.

Example - Example:

People—crippled or not—wince at the word “cripple,” as they do not at “handicapped” or “disabled.” Perhaps I want them to wince. I want them to see me as a tough customer, one to whom the fates/gods/viruses have not been kind, but who can face the brutal truth of her existence squarely. As a cripple, I swagger.

—Nancy Mairs

“On Being a Cripple”

Pathos - An appeal to emotion.

Example - Example:

We shall not flag or fail. We shall go on to the end. We shall fight in France, we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills. We shall never surrender.

—Winston Churchill

Speech to the House of Commons, June 4, 1940

Scare tactics - A way for the author to use fear to get you to do or listen to something.

Example - " If we do not stop dumping oil, trash, and contamination into our oceans. There will be a time where the ocean will never be an ocean for us, it's animals, and for everything."

Implicit language - Implied though not plainly expressed.

Example - " That man wore a red scarf with stripes."

Explicit language - Expressed clearly in detail.

Example - " That man wore a red scarf that was about 30 inches long, and that had stripes from it."

Connotation - The emotions and feelings the word or phrase creates.

Example - " There is a huge plague throughout our destroyed, corroded, and wasted lands."

Appeal - An appeal is something an author uses to make the subject interesting to the reader and to grab the reader’s attention.

Example - Anaphora - "Be yourself, Be unique, Be original, Bboy."

Dennotative - Dictionary Definition.

Example - Backpack - "A school essential used to carry books, notebooks, pencils of some sort, and etc."

Anaphora - The repetition of a word or phrase.

Example - " HOW LOVELY she looked in that pink satin gown, HOW LOVELY she looked in that pink satin gown, HOW LOVELY her hair flowed down..."

Patriotism - Supporter of its country or someone's self.

Sarcasm - Use of irony to mock or persuade someone.

Example - "Speed limit 35 unless, of course, Mr. important is running late."

Rhetoric - A way and language of persuading people with techniques.

Example - " You gotta start eating at a different parking lot."

Persuasion - Persuading someone or getting persuaded into believes in something.

Example - " Trust me."

Rhetorical questions- A question that doesn't require an answer.

Example - "Are you crazy."

Figurative language - Language that uses words and expressions that is different from the actual literal meaning.

Example - A simile is an example of figurative language.

Loaded Language - Way to appeal audience by using stereotypes or emotion.

Example- " The pause that refreshes."

Allusion - Figure of speech that makes a reference to famous things life people, places, and events.

Example - " He is a real Romeo."

Tone- The attitude of how he writes the subjects towards his audience.

Example - " I'd rather stay here and wait, than go back into that DARK room."


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