Tour of the Harn Museum By hannah harms

above picture: Manhattan (1946) by George Grosz (Taken by Hannah Harms)

Medium of the Art and Technique of the Artist

Old Man's Cloth (2003) by El Anatsui (Taken by Hannah Harms)

Carrie and I in front of "Old Man's Cloth" (2003) by El Anatsui (Taken by a really nice man also touring the museum that I will probably never meet again)

Medium of the Art and Technique of the Artist

The artwork that is shown when you first come into the museum caught my eye the most. It is called the "Old Man's Cloth" (2003) by the artist El Anatsui. The piece is comprised of pieces of aluminum, bottle caps, and copper wire, and I think those are very unique mediums to use in this type of art piece. It reminds me of when I was younger and used to recycle old milk bottle tops and make artwork out of them, but obviously this piece of art is a much more refined, beautiful piece.The best part about this "cloth" is that its construction allows it to catch light in any way that it is draped across a wall or room, which makes it a significant find to behold.

Design of the Museum

Me in Front of the Asian Gardens at the Harm Museum of Art (Taken by Carrie Binkley)

Design of the Museum

Decorative Plates in a Display Case of Many Asian Art Pieces (Taken by Hannah Harms)

My favorite wing in the museum was the Asian Art wing. I enjoy pottery and decorative artwork, and also enjoy the work of Asian artists, so the art in this wing was very enjoyable. The wing made use of both inside AND outside space, using its inside space to show its more fragile items and its outside space to showcase the art of Asian gardens and gardening. This thematic structuring of the wing was very enjoyable; the use of lighting and spacing of the artwork contributed to the enjoyment of this wing of the museum and made it one of my favorite wings in any museum that I have ever visited.

Me In Front of the Asian Art Wing Sign (Taken by Carrie Binkley)

Art and Core Values

Art and Core Values

Champ d'avoine (Oat Field) (1890) by Claude Monet (Picture taken by Carrie Binkley)

After almost knocking the Monet down in the art exhibit, I decided to include it in the pieces of art that reflect my core values. One of my biggest frustrations in life is anxiety and stress, so my value in life is to combat this and strive for peace and serenity. This painting of an oat field by Monet reminded me of the peacefulness and happiness that I have when I am not stressed or anxious and inspires me to continue to strive for that stress-free lifestyle that I am aiming for.

Art and the Good Life

Me in front of "Volcano Series No. 2" (1979) by Ana Mendieta (Taken by Carrie Binkley)

Art and the Good Life

The story behind this artwork is fascinating, which is one of the reasons why I was compelled to choose it as my "Art and the Good Life" piece. The artist, Ana Medieta, formed a volcano using a molded impression of her body. The impression was filled with gunpowder and set on fire, and, after "erupting" for a short time, burned down to ash. The short but intense life of this "volcano" reminds me of the Good Life in many ways. One particular way this reminds me of the Good Life is the volcano making the most of its lifespan by erupting as brightly and intensely as possible. This reminds me of the Good Life because, in my opinion, the Good Life is only achieved in my eyes if the person seeking it makes the most of his or her life in whatever way they deem fit and pleasing to them. To this volcano, the best life it could possibly have was a bright and epic eruption to take it through its short but memorable time on this earth. Like the volcano, we have a short time on this earth to "erupt" and make our time memorable: will we sit quietly, afraid of the possibilities, or use our time to erupt and make the most or our lives?

In conclusion, my time at the Harn Museum of Art allowed me to contemplate art and enjoy the different mediums of art through the design and structure of the museum. The artwork and this project challenged me to examine my core values and my idea of the good life and apply them to the art I saw in the museum. In this way, I got more out of my visit to the museum than if I had visited the museum with no purpose in my visit. I will enjoy coming back to contemplate more of the art at the museum and apply it to my values and what I have experienced.

Photographic evidence that Carrie Binkley allowed me to use her image and pictures in my Spark Adobe story for the Good Life, class. Thanks, Carrie. You're a real pal.

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