Gone Girl Movie VS Book

The Book gives alot of detail, the book is from both of there views of the story, at once it goes back and forth and its both of there stories and what happening in there life as soon as Amy goes "Missing". It shows there emoitons during everything that is happening. Nick is freaking out stressing and drinking alot more then usual and at first, Amy was perfectly fine with what was going on, but she was very paranoid all the time until she changed her apperances then just not as much. What happens whith the story still happens in the book the movie and the book. The publisher of the book "Gone Girl", is Flynn Gillian.And also was published in the year of 2012 in New York City. I reccommend the book alot because ive never seen a book like it before, Ive never seen a book that has turned the way it turns and ends the way it ends its a good book.

The Movie, "Gone Girl" is a very good movie. I love the movie probably more then the book. The book gives in more detail of what going on but i think that The movie is more intense the book EVER was. Even though i couldnt know what exactly they were thinking in there head, it was a GREAT movie. The movie i think is crazy, just like the book, but in the book i can expect whats going to happen faster and in the movie it just happens and im surprised and thats what makes it so good. I just think how crazy the end of the movie ends, nobody would ever expect what happens, i know i was mad at the outcome of the movie and book alot because i never expected for Amy to make that descion and Nick allow her to. I'd also reccommend the movie. The movie is one of my favorites and i was totally shocked throughout the whole movie and was constantly wondering what was going to happen next. The movie "Gone Girl" was directed by David Fincher. The distribute rof the movie was 20th Century Fox.

The differences in the book and the movie would defintly be a huge part of amys side of the story.. I think that Amy's side of the story in the book is just not shown as much as it was in the movie. Yes the book would show her points which were usually just what she would write in the diary which i didnt really like. I loved Nicks point of view, it was full out and show all his emotions in the book perefectly but not as much as it showed in the movie. Another difference is what Nick comes back to the day Amy goes "missing" when She goes missing, there is bloood all over the floor in the kitchen and thats what makes evryone lead to the fact she got murdered, by Nick. In the book its not like that everything is left on it just looks like she went missing and someone took her which is two different things that make the reader think what happened to amy or the watcher of the movie.

Honestly i think that i'd reccomend the movie over the book the movie had me shocked throughout the whole time and like how i said, in a book i can predictr whats going to happen quicker then what happens in a movie, but thats just me. I feel that the movie is alot more intense. The book has majority of what theyre thinking in there head which is absoultley great, but the Movie is both of there sides of the story to what is happeninng also. I just feel that the movie is alot more intense then the book, just like how in scary movies the movie wouldnt be as scary without all the back ground music and being able to see what happens. In the book, you dont have the music and if you can picture what is happening, then what?

Overall the book and the movie is Amazing, i was so surprised and eager to know what the end was and i think that the movie makes it more fun, then the book did. The book is great, it shows all of there emotions and also what was in Amy's diary which the movie doesnt. Amy diary was a big part of the book and in the movie it didnt really show it other then when she put it where she wanted the police to find it , so they could put Nick on their suspect list. i think i understood what was going on tin the movie more then i did the book and that is why i chose Movie or the book. I love both, and Flynn Gillian did a absoutley great job.

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