Crispa By: Amya and chrisTine

Introduction: Crispa is our FUTURE country. Crispa is a place where people can be free and have a good relaxing time. People can go mountain climbing, they can go sight seeing. We have an ocean surrounding our country. We have farming places, people can live or stay for vacation. We even have a volcano. There is a park, there are lakes that people can kyiak or go water tubing. We have flying cars, trains, and even teleportation.

Languist: Our country is a Spanish speaking country. In our country people have a lot of Spanish traditions and food. They also have many Spanish celebrations including Day of the Dead and Cinco de Mayo. Our verbs are corriendo(running), saltando(jumping), nadando(swimming), alpinismo(climbing), and turismo (sight seeing).

Languist words and pictures
A picture of our country on a map.

Cartographer: The climate of our country will be warm in the summer and cool in the winter. We have many physical features including mountains, oceans, beaches, plains, and volcanoes. Our natural resources includes rivers, lakes, trees, and farmland. Sense our country is in the future we have many different and new types of transportation including flying cars, trains, planes, bridges, and even teleportation. Our cities include RONDA, Valicia, Elche, Ourense, Madrid, and Puerto. We have a park named Corvado Park.

Diplomat: In order to protect our small country we will have a military in our country and anyone that wants to join it can. We will have weapons but only if we absolutely need them. Our government is a representative democracy.

Laws:Our laws make our country safe and good our first law is: No drunk driving consequence is 6 months jail time. Don't drive without a license consequence is a tick or jail time Don't hurt anyone consequence depends on a judges ruling Don't take anything from anybody consequence depends on a judge Don't Smoke consequence one year in jail.

Our Spanish Alphabet
Our values
Math action problems and numbers


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