Back to School 2020-2021

Boxes of Books

Junior Juliano Perczek picks up his required books for the year during his scheduled pick up slot. During this time, students were also able to take their yearbook photos.

Photo courtesy of: Noah Hoch

Finding Routine

Two incoming sixth grade students read their new schedules as they are handed out by middle school Tanakh teacher Rabbi Derek Rosenbaum.

Photo courtesy of: Carrie Hirsch

Car Art

To provide closure for their last summer in high school, seniors gathered in the parking lot on Friday to partake in the tradition of decorating their cars.

Photo courtesy of: Arava Rose

Distanced Pictures

After placing his mask on a provided mask-holder, sophomore Sam Diewald poses for his yearbook picture.

Photo courtesy of: Sophie Schweitzer

Sending Signs

English teacher and college counselor Allison Davison watches for her class to signal that they've completed their class reading.

Photo by: Jonathan Morris

Walking New Paths

Middle school principal Dr. Eliana Lipsky leads a tour of the Upper School campus for new students to the school.

Photo courtesy of: Carrie Hirsch

Opening New Doors

As new students line up to enter orientation, admissions director Miriam Stein welcomes students as she manages the carpool line.

Photo courtesy of: Carrie Hirsch

Whimsical Warmups

History department chair Mark Buckley introcudes his class with a sense of humor.

Photo by: Jonathan Morris

Photo courtesy of: Tess Mendelson