PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The purpose of this project was to make a space for a farmer’s market in downtown Champaign. Champaign already has a farmer’s market but the place they used was small and the market needed to expand. The farmer’s market had to be an enclosed space so that when the market is not being used as a market it can be used for other things to make it more of a useful structure. The students were able to choose one of two sites in downtown Champaign to put their project. Both sites are currently parking lots so students were able to go and do a site visit of the place.
When visiting a farmer’s market anyone can buy or sell all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables. They can purchase vegetables that grow in the dirt, on trees, or plants that grow by hanging. The Hanging Market accommodates not only fruits and vegetables that grow on the ground and are handpicked, but uniquely accommodates items that are grown or sold hung up. Examples include strawberries, tomatoes, hanging flower baskets, and much more. The markets beautiful basket structure that hangs in the middle of the market allows vendors to hang any objects they want to sell hung up. This provides even more space for the vendors to sell, and creates a beautiful hanging garden in the center of the market
In the off times of year when the market is not in use the basket structure doubles as a place to hang things off of and as a lit up chandelier with embedded lights that light up the night. This space then turns from a market and into a spectacular venue for banquets, large parties, wedding receptions, and fraternity and sorority formals for the nearby college. With the movable market stalls the market can also accommodate craft sellers on the off times of year as well. The market serves the city of Champaign by bringing an elegance to its farmers market that visitors will come from miles to purchase fresh plants from, and will continue to bring in money to the city with people renting out the large space for their custom events on the times of the year that the farmers market in not in use.
Elevation and Section Drawings

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