Why do people go to war? Year 6 Autumn 1

Why do people go to war?

Throughout this unit, the children will explore the question 'Why do people go to war?' through looking at British History. The children will study The Battle of Hastings, Wars of the Roses, World War One and Two. They will consider how the battles were fought and who took part in them, as well as learning why the people fighting for Britain were not all white men.

Children will have opportunities to explore the concepts of chronology and understand the methods of historical enquiry and using a range of sources; use role-play and drama to deepen understanding of life as a refugee; explore light, shadow and electricity and plan and conduct fair tests.

Pupils will explore the use of searchlights to deter bombing raids during WWII and use watercolour blending techniques and three-dimensional perspective to create silhouette art.

Children will learn and perform scenes from the text this half term, Star of fear, star of hope’ and share their performances with a live audience.

During this half term, pupils will be settling into the new academic year, setting targets, choosing class rules and assigning class jobs, whilst getting to know each other.


The Year 6 school day starts at 8:45am and finishes at 2:50pm

All children will be given sanitiser for their hands before entering school and their temperature taken before the register.

6GM will arrive at the gate by the main school entrance (Salisbury road). Pupils will line up by the playhouse.

6KD will arrive at the Station road gate (Station side). Pupils will line up on the courts at number 4.

6LE will arrive at the Station road gate (Cenotaph side). Pupils will line up on the courts at number 7.

Children must wear their PE kits to school on the days that they have PE. They will stay in their PE kits all day and so do not need to bring their regular school uniform with them. They may be more comfortable in joggers rather than shorts or skort. Federation PE top and school jumper / cardigan must be worn. Please do not send children in branded sports clothing.

6KD have PE on Monday and Tuesday

6LE have P.E on Wednesday and Thursday

6GM have P.E on Tuesday and Wednesday

Homework will be set online every Monday and will be due in the following Monday.

Children must also read at least three times a week at home. Children are responsible for filling in their own planners at home. Please sign your child's planner each week.

Homework will be set each Monday and expected to be completed by the following Monday.

How do we keep ourselves safe when in school?

The Creative Me will:

Use and appraise the song 'Happy' by Pharrell Williams to develop a variety of performance techniques. Pupils will learn to sing from memory, perform as solos or as a group and sing a harmony confidently and accurately. In addition to this, pupils will learn a classic song from the WW2 era, focusing on pitch, cultural context and harmony.

In art, pupils will study and appraise the work of the famous artist L.S. Lowry. Pupils will mimic the style of the artist when sketching, blending and shading their work, focusing on the links his work had to wartime Britain.

In drama, pupils will study the text, Star of fear, star of hope, and learn to act out scenes from the book focusing on characters' feelings and actions towards the unfair treatment of Jewish citizens. Pupils will learn how to perform to an audience, listening to their peers and speaking with confidence and clarity.

The Healthy Me will:

Develop practical skills in order to participate, compete and lead a healthy lifestyle. Pupils will learn a variety of team building skills through orienteering and learning how to play a variety of invasion team games. They will understand how to field, defend and to choose the most appropriate tactics for a game. In addition to this, pupils will learn to act as good role models for others and uphold the spirit of fair play and respect in all competitive situations.

In PHSE, pupils will learn about the importance of, 'Being me in my world' through the PHSE Jigsaw programme. They will learn to identify their goals for this academic year and their choices, consequences and rewards for their actions. Throughout the topic, pupils will learn about Global Citizenship and children's universal rights - making links between these ideas and our Academy Christian values.

In R.E, pupils will investigate the questions: 'Creation and science: conflicting or complementary?' and 'Has science got all the answers'. Pupils will learn about the importance of Creation within the timeline of the story of the Bible. They will use their knowledge of biblical texts to make connections between the book of Genesis and Christian belief about God as a creator.

The Independent Me will:

Study the text, 'Star of fear, star of hope', to learn about the treatment of Jewish citizens during world war two. Pupils will have opportunities to complete an in-depth character review in order to plan and write a flashback story from another character's point of view. They will learn to write in a variety of genres and to identify their audience for writing. Pupils will demonstrate their grammatical skills including punctuation, spellings and sentence construction.

Pupils will analyse the language choices made in the book, Star of fear, star of hope, due to the time period it is set in. They will learn to draw inferences from the illustrations given and discuss the author’s intention regarding the actions of different character’s.

Additional reading materials will include:

Carrie's War by Nina Bawden

Poems from the Second World War selected by Gaby Morgan

When we were warriors by Emma Carroll

In History, pupils will explore the question 'Why do people go to war?' The children will learn to create their own timeline to sequence the following wars as they progress through their topic this term: The Battle of Hastings, Wars of the Roses, World War One and Two. Pupils will look at some of the causes of these tragic events and make comparisons; discover how the battles were fought and who took part in them, as well as exploring why the people fighting for Britain were not all white men.

The Inquisitive Me will:

Secure an understanding of place value by reading, writing, ordering and comparing numbers up to 10,000,000. Pupils will develop their formal written calculation methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, applying these methods to multi-step problems.

Pupils will develop their understanding of the properties of number including: factors, multiples, square, cube and prime numbers up to 100.

In science, pupils will work scientifically to investigate refraction and how light travels in a straight line. They will investigate the shape of shadows formed depending on the angles given by the light source.

In computing, pupils will develop their understanding of how to stay safe online and how to protect themselves and others. They will also learn how to check the validity of online sources as well as exploring the influence of technology on our health. Pupils will have opportunities to research, plan and create their own blog.

This is Me will:

Develop our spiritual, moral, social and cultural values through: exploring the beliefs and experiences of those involved in the wars; discussing the meaning and purpose behind Harvest Festival; having opportunities to discuss class rules and decide upon curriculum rewards and to explore the cultural exploitation faced during WWII.

Pupils will model British Values through a democratic approach to organising pupil voice groups - delivering persuasive speeches and using a fair voting system. Pupils will create their own class charter of rules, with opportunities to voice their own opinions about curriculum rewards for excellent behaviour.

Pupils will develop their individual liberty through writing letters to become Year 6 monitors, reflecting on their positive traits and how they can demonstrate our Academy Christian values.

Pupils will demonstrate mutual respect of others through participating in class discussions about equal opportunity for all cultures, genders, ability and age. They will write prayers to reflect on their understanding of the different faiths and beliefs in our local community.

Reflect on the big question for this half term:

How have I shown love today?

Pupils will have opportunities to discuss this question regularly in class as well as being able to nominate peers who have demonstrated the Academy Christian value of love in and around school.

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