Energy Transformation By: Snow White


The concept that was learned is that when the wheels of the car is bigger, the amount of energy conserved/saved or energy turning from GPE to KE will increase because the wheels will cover more distance , increasing the velocity.


We started our model with three wheels, two in The front and one in the back. The wheels we use was Starbucks caps, So we tAke 6 caps and glue two caps together which make one wheel. We made three wheels and attached to the body part of the car. That was our first moDel, the data shows that It took .009 seconds to go the distance, the voLoCity was 5.6 m/s. the percent the energy transferred in to the raMp is about 8%. The Energy transformed was about 92%. Our second design was also three wheels car but the wheels we used was A milk bottle Cap. We didN't use 6 cap to make 3 Wheels, we just used 3 cap and made them a wheel. The time for our second model to Finish the distAnce was also 0.009 seconds and the voLocity was 4.5 m/s. the percent the energy transferred was 38% and the percent thr enErgy transformed was 62%. There's were more volocity for the fIrst model than the second model.


The reasons why THE WHEELS OF THE CAR IS BIGGER, THE AMOUNT OF ENERGY CONSERVED/SAVED OR ENERGY TURNING FROM GPE TO KE WILL INCREASE BECAUSE THE WHEELS WILL COVER MORE DISTANCE , INCREASING THE VELOCITy. Our First design Was able to go faster than the second BECAUSE thE wheel was much better, like having a smooth SurFace. The second Design doesn't have a smooth surface it have a rough flat surface. Also for a car to have a faster volocity it need to be unBlanced, like having more mass on the other end and less mass on the other end. Other thing is it need to have 3 wheels so it will go smooth anD Fast.

Our designs

First Model
Second Model


In Schoology, Physics Science " Easy Pinewood Derby car WINS using Science!"

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