Dylan Cramer

What is happiness to you, or how do you define happiness? to me happiness is when I am at peace with my life, When I am working hard towards a goal and accomplish that goal I become happy with my self because I prove to my self that I can accomplish anything that I put my mind to. I would define happiness as a mental or emotional state of well being where you are in a positive mindset and see the best in everything and everyone. After accomplishing a goal is when I am most happy.

Picture to represent being on top of the world or accomplishing your goals.

What will make you think you are a successful person? I think that what makes you a successful person are the relationships that you are able to build and keep throughout your life. Also being a person who stays true to their word. If you say you are going to do something it is important that you stick with it and follow through.

What is the role that suffering plays in life? I think that suffering plays its role so we know what happiness looks like and what its like to not be suffering. Suffering is the hard part of life and also a major part of life. When you are suffering you are in a dark place and most likely not very happy. But when you break free from the suffering you become very happy and feel like you can accomplish your goals. Suffering has such a major role because it makes people stronger once they are able to break from the suffering.

"Just as failure is sometimes just failure suffering is sometimes just destructive, to be exited as quickly as possible" (Brooks, 2014).

What does it mean to say that life is meaningful and how is this achieved? To say that life is meaningful means that you have a sense of purpose that what you are doing is something that you are passionate about. Its achieved by your own drive and willingness to achieve that purpose you have set for yourself. Life is a journey so making the most of it and making it however you want it to be makes it meaningful for yourself which is a major part to achieving your own meaningfulness.

Is there something more to life than success, material riches, and/or achieving your dreams? What might that “something” be? Yes, there is something more to life than all of those things and I think that thing is helping others achieve there dreams. By helping others you will find that it not only makes them happier but it also makes you feel good and happy. I think that other than achieving your own goals and success that is the most important thing to be doing.


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