Glass Complete metering, billing and energy management

About Glass

Complete metering, billing and energy management placed in your control.

Financial optimisation through simple data visibility.

Our comprehensive understanding of district heating systems contained in one simple online tool.

Key stakeholders tested Glass to ensure it solves their metering and billing challenges, giving full visibility and control over energy consumption and financial performance. It is currently installed on four pilot projects.

Glass App & Portal

Visibility & Control for Residents

  • Flexible payment methods, anytime anywhere
  • PAYG & credit billing options available
  • Visibility of energy consumption
  • Estimate spend through built-in weather forecast
  • Streamline processes with self-service account management
  • In-app help and support
  • In-house Customer Service team available

Glass Portal

Energy & Financial Optimisation for Operators

Reduced site debt on a pilot project by 12.5% in under 6 months.

Up to 44% increase in client revenue collection within weeks of implementation on a pilot project.

  • Energy efficiency and service improvements through visibility of data
  • Improve revenue collection and enhance debt management
  • Financial optimisation through simple dashboard and reports
  • Identify, monitor and proactively support customers through analysis of consumption behaviours
  • Ensure compliance with Heat Meter Regulations
  • Visibility of data across multiple sites, single sites & individual properties
  • Meter agnostic and ability to integrate with existing systems
  • Ability to view meter performance
  • Energy advice and payment reminder alerts
  • No capital investment required

vPort - Affordable Retrofit Solution

With vPort, Glass makes previously difficult data, visible and accessible using modern communication to open up metering data to your smart devices.

One communications box...minimal disruption.

Data can be extracted from any compatible smart device.

For more information, please contact our team. Details can be found below.

Greater Control with vTherme

By installing our BESA approved vTherme Heat Interface Unit, you can benefit from increased Glass functionality.

  • More price competitive as a HIU and M&B solution than competing systems
  • No additional hardware required, all components contained in the HIU
  • System diagnostic functions that aid commissioning
  • Data collection and processing assists optimisation of heat networks
  • Adjust room temperature with the control and scheduling tool
  • Engineer diagnostics app

For more information, please contact our team. Details can be found below.

Metering & Billing at Vital Energi

With over 30 years experience and more than 35,000 heat meter customers we can support you to enhance your customer service.

  • Financial performance - Ability to optimise buyers financial returns through ESCo support and debt management
  • Deep understanding of your customers -¬†¬†Monitor consumption, payments and HIU performance to ensure your network is operating efficiently
  • Customer service - Identify issues or support with energy efficiency savings and assist vulnerable customers

To learn more about Glass or discuss your latest project, please get in touch.

Glenn Harrison Business Development 07384 833535, glenn.harrison@vitalenergi.co.uk

Katy Lister Business Development - London 07557 432156, katy.lister@vitalenergi.co.uk

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