Harn Museum of Art The Good Life Tour

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist

Pictured above is a face mask of the Kuba People from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Seeing the mask in person, I realized that the top of the mask is made of real feathers, and real shells are attached to the bottom. This made me realize how the Kuba people used all of the resources around them to make items they need. The mask was used on multiple occasions, including boys' initiation ceremonies and combative crime.

Art and Core Values

Pictured above is "Road Worker" by Diego Rivera, which is made with charcoal on rice paper. The art portrays a Mexican man hard at work. This appeals to me because like the man in the picture, I take pride in my work ethic and work hard with everything I do. Although the man and I are working under very different circumstances, the same theme of working hard is evident. Rivera made this artwork while studying culture in Mexico, so it shows me how active the life of a typical Mexican man was in 1945.

Design of the Museum

While walking through the museum, the David A. Cofrin Asian Art Wing was appealing to me. It was different from the rest of the museum in that it was a huge, open room with big open windows and light shining through. There were big, rock-like objects on display in the middle of the floor which I found interesting. Also, there were doors next to the big windows that led outdoors. Outside, there were trees, rocks, and a stream, which made me like I was actually in Asia.

Art and the Good Life

Shown above is "Seated Bodhisattva," which is a Buddhist saint and savior. Although the Bodhisattva is meditating, he refrains from entering enlightenment out of compassion for everyone striving to get there. This conveys the theme of reaching the good life because although others want to reach enlightenment (the good life), the Bodhisattva reaches his good life by showing compassion for others. It helps prove that although the destination of the good life is different for everyone, it is all interconnected and related in some way.

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