EDIM510 RSS & Aggregation

I was never a fan of using RSS tools and aggregation. It really was because I never understood the use of the tools. I was old school in this thinking. This week’s assignment has opened my eyes to the useful nature of the tools. The simple ways one can use RSS is to quickly pull content from across the web into one place. There is so much data available on the web. It is nice to have an option for a program to do the work in finding relevant information for you! It can find different sources from newsfeeds, blogs, wikis, and podcasts. This does not just pull the information but saves one time since it will only grab new posts. A teacher’s time is valuable so we cannot waste time revisiting useful websites only to see the same old content. One only has to set their aggregation tool, such as Feedly, to do the work for you. Students can use these tools as well. If a teacher has a blog for their classroom, students can add that RSS link to their aggregation tool. Whenever a teacher updates the blog, the students will automatically be given the information. This can help in providing important news and information to the class. Students can also subscribe to a teacher’s bookmarks. This can help in class projects and assignments. Students could also create their own blogs and share with each other. This can help to create your digital classroom of learners!

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