The Creeping Shadow By Jonathan Stroud



1920something London after "The Problem"


Lockwood: Friends, fighting ghosts, dead family, empty house, bored (ex-)rich kid. Tends to put himself in danger (a lot), angers other characters (Lucy). Loves Lucy (unofficial boyfriend of Lucy), friends with everyone else (except skull). Parents and sister died, so ah...yeah, tries to fix "The Problem". Both, cool like the 10th Doctor, but needlessly reckless. Personally no, the 10th Doctor though.

If you don't get it don't ask.

Lucy (Main character btw): Needed a job, is now friends with everyone (including skull), loves Lockwood, but more on that later. Yeah actions are justified, not always thought out but justified. Unofficial girlfriend of Lockwood (don't ask it's complicated) and friends with everyone else. All her old teammates died, so... yeah, she can sometimes care a little too much. Disapprove, she is a complete idiot, and doesn't communicate. Yes the people who would rather suffer in silence than fix the problem, (*cough Morgan Paulson cough* not the dumb part the suffering part).

Inside joke

George: Friends with everyone in the group (excluding skull), and intellectual (likes to learn things), and he's trying to find a solution to "The Problem." More or less he makes sense. Friends again. Long time friend of Lockwood, and Fitts agent (skull's old home) so detail oriented. Approve, mostly because he reminds me of me (all the sarcasm and yelling at everyone).

Skull: Hates everyone except Lucy (really hates Lockwood and George). George yes Lockwood not so much. Hate, ire, and a lot of hate. Past is mostly unknown, [he's a type three (rare and disputed)] but yes has changed skull. Admire and disapprove at the same time, sarcasm is fabulous, but the death wishes on every on is kind of annoying. Mrs. Lingle...

Holly: She needed a job. Friends with the people (except skull), that includes Lucy (everyone in the story thinks there is romantic conflict). Yeah sure, no reason she can't have a job or friends. She was a Rotwell agent (detail oriented). Boring character that was made to make conflict in the third book. *cough awkward silence cough* No, no one at all...

Catch Up/Summarize Books


The book is fairly fast paced (the sarcasm helps). In my opinion the book focuses on Lucy too much, but that's because I don't like her (also she's the main character). A couple of plot twists, slightly predictable, but somethings came out of nowhere.

Plot: They get Lucy back (I know big surprise), fight some ghosts, uncover not one but two secret societies, refuse not to join, befriend an old rival (Kipps), and learn slightly more about "The Problem" and other ghost related things.

Dynamics: So the mature a little and even talk about their (Lucy and Lockwood) feelings a small amount (how shocking!). Also they learn about how seeing ghosts work (well George and Kipps do everyone else is busy with drama, and covering up the fact that they might have done something quite illegal).


‘You’re not our leader,’ Dave said.

‘No, but I know what I’m doing, which is a nice alternative.’

That was Lucy being serious.


Theme would be even though you're angry or upset at your friends they are still your friend and you can trust them (skull is not a friend).

Questions for the Author

For the record I have read most of his other books, (most are boring, see Bart. trilogy book two and beginning of three). Now an actual question, in a fight would Kitty or Lucy win? More seriously, why do they use Fahrenheit to measure the temp and not Celcius?

The cats though

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