CreAtive Photography MaRia jose chavez

My first photography:

This is one of my favorite pictures I took in the beginning of the year, in this picture I believe that I incorporated many things. I used the rule of thirds, I used contrast, and I made sure my horizon was straight. Though it's a si ole picture, I believe it gives the audience a mood of mystery.

Photo Editing:

This is my favorite edited picture. I edited this picture by just adding more contrast, and blurring some of the background out so you can really focus on my dog's expression and features.

Photography Inspired by Carli Davidson:

Black and White:

This is my favorite black and white picture I've taken. I think it feels a bit eerie and it can create many emotions to the audience. It feel alike there could be a story behind the photograph. I also like it because of the dark background and the way the porcelain doll is being lit up.

Still Life:

This is my favorite still life photography picture I've taken. In fact it's one of my favorites in general. What I love about this picture is that it makes something so small look so huge no beautiful. The sun is hitting the tiny flowers perfectly in this picture. It looks like there's a halo around them. I also love that all the focus is on the flowers only.


I like this picture because it looks like the subject is very happy and joyful. It makes me feel happy and warm inside too. I also like the reflection of the light across the picture.

Creative Photography:

Absolute Favorite(s):

This picture is definitely on my top two favorites. This picture brings me so much peace when I look at it. I think that the lake, the grass, and the sky make a beautiful scenery to appreciate. I think taking it from the angle it is in made the picture more interesting and unique too.
This picture is also definitely in my top two. I think the picture looks very modern and almost like an IPhone generic background. It's hard to believe that the only thing I did to this picture was lower the brightness. I love how the palm trees are perfectly placed and they're completely black as the sky is shining purple and pink in the background.

The End...

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