The Divine: A Play For Sarah Bernhardt By: Chandler Lozeau


In this sparkstory, I evaluate the play The DivineĀ and all it stands for. I am grateful to have seen this wonderful performance, as to it has opened my eyes on many subjects. I have learned patience, self love, and the value of the many privileges I have in life through the viewing of this play.

The Spatial Experience

When observing the Constans Theatre, most people gain a sense of warmth. The ambient lights and the deep colors of the decorations definitely add to the coziness of the theatre. While sitting in my seat, to the close middle, I felt quite comfortable and relaxed. I feel as if I had the best seat in the whole play! Not too close, not too far; and when the lights dimmed and cued the play to begin, I was close enough to see all the expressions of the actors. I even shook hands with Christie Robinson, who was playing Sarah Bernhardt, as the play began. When comparing to the Good Life, space is very relevant in both the Constans Theatre and in attaining the "Good Life". What the two share in common, is that where you are located and where you are in certain situations can make all the difference when it comes to the experiences you have. Its all about the time and place of where you are, that determines what comes out of life.

The Social Experience

As a social experience, I can say that the play was a success. I went with two of my close friends that I have known for almost my whole life. It was also a great way to connect with strangers who were watching the play as well. Unfortunately the girl sitting next to me fell asleep during the play and was snoring quite loudly. It was funny though to witness everyone's reactions around me and we all laughed it off. Attending the play with my friends enhanced my experience of the play by allowing me to feel more comfortable, and allowing me to be able to make jokes and connect the play back to stories I share with my peers. The role of Shared Experiences in the good life is very important. Sharing experiences with friends and peers helps us better connect to our surroundings, and make our experiences more memorable. You can also relate this to how Govinda feels when he always strived to share his memories with Siddhartha.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

The performance helped me develop a new way of seeing our own culture because it brought to light the seriousness of Social Oppression and made me realize how lucky I am. This play served as an outlet for many students to be able to gain a better understanding of the harsh reality that some people live in. The central issue in this show deals with the constant battle of making decisions that might conflict with their personal morals or beliefs, and also social oppression. And while this oppression is different from the time this play took place, it still exists today. I thought it was also very interesting how during the play they showed a factory where poor people worked, and every one of the workers was a woman or child. The rich boss was a man who seemed to demean the woman which portrayed the gender inequality issues that existed back then as well. This play made me appreciate the things I have and too never be envious of others.

The Emotional Experience

I strongly believe that the play provides us with a great sense of catharsis. It stripped us down to our deep thoughts and made us all contemplate how it would feel to be in the shoes of the characters portrayed. It gave us an opportunity to evaluate our life decisions, and feel grateful to be watching from a play, and not experiencing the some of the issues these characters faced in real life. In many ways, I imagine I felt almost like Siddhartha felt while he would watch the river. I feel this way because I found myself learning and becoming more gracious and respectful when watching The Divine, much like Siddhartha and his "teacher", the river.

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