Who Made That Bicycle Cable lock? By: Tyler Wolter

"I don't know how you secure your bike for use later," a guy with a lot of passionate named Charles Bryan spoke some words, "a cable lock which is particularly suited for securing a bicycle." A year of generating ideas and building prototypes, many americans use it to this day to prevent there bike being stolen. Though, there are many types of bike locks , but one is unique from its competitors. You can use "the end of the cable can be fashioned into loops and fit back into its housing." Charles Bryan made a simple design to enable you to loop the bike keeping it secured using a padlock. Many cyclists love securing there bike in a way, thanks to the inventor of creating the bicycle cable lock.

Charles Bryan brings in his partners that have participated in other inventions to go through the productions of how to get the invention approved for later purposes. The foregoing begins, the cable which made is used can be determined as to size and selection of the materials. This is an important step because this product needs to be functional to secure bikes but prevent people from easily damaging the lock and taking off. They preferred to utilize the cable with an outer sheath of plastic which is very common to many cable locks today.

How does the Bicycle Cable Lock work?

  • This invention utilizes a continuous length of cable having loops at the ends there for using it loop around you bike or an obstacle. In fashion, the cable is then placed inside a housing, then a spring load will retract the cable within the housing after use. One end of the cable enters the side wall of a axal and exits through an open end, passing out and through a hole in the housing.
  • By utilizing the continuous cable and locking the looped ends with a padlock, a very strong securement is out of harms way. Though, this method of locking is simpler and less subject to failure than those which are resorted to in the prior art.
  • A bracket is also provided on the lock housing of the invention for many purposes of securing the lock assembly to the frame of the bicycle. The bracket also includes a rim portion for storage near the padlock.
  • As a consequence, the cable lock of the present invention is a very strong, simple cable lock, which provides the strength comparing to other locks with the convenience of a storage compartment.

Did Charles Bryan invent anything else?

Charles Bryan didn't invent anything else. Though his partners, David R. Timmons helped him get throughhe process of developing his invention have invented many things. David R. Timmons invented an Air device with flexible mounting system and a duct fitting that works with your car.


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