Fantastic Revolutions, and Where to Find Them! By: Ya boi, Dusty Marlatt

I think that an event that people don't really think about that lead to the revolution was the French and Indian war. After Britain won this war it lead to many disputes to what should be done with the land. Since the colonists were not allowed to use the new land they became kind of angry with the British Crown. This was just the beginning.

The British crown was broke so they decided to take money from the colonists through the stamp act. The colonists were already on edge after the let down that was the French and Indian war so this just fueled the fire even more. The colonists hated that this was just a means to make money and they really hated that they had no say in the matter. Protest started in the streets putting a scare into the Monarch. After fierce debate the parliament repealed the stamp act in 1766.

The Townshend acts were a series of acts named after Charles Townshend. The purpose of these was to raise more revenue for the British crown. This decision was made without colonial representation and this made people very angry. This did not have the reaction that the stamp act did but it was still very controversial. There was a huge amount of unrest in Boston so much so that troops were sent to keep the "violence" down. There was a partial repeal of the acts the same day as the Boston Massacre.

Thomas Townshend

The Boston Massacre is probably the second most remembered part of the Revolution, second to the Boston Tea Party. This started when a dispute between some red coats and colonists became violent. As this argument went on colonists started to gather throw sticks and snowballs. This provoked some of the British soldiers to respond and fire, killing five male civilians and injuring six others.

In 1773 the colonists were almost at there boiling point. They were full of it. After the 1773 tea act the colonists got edgy and decided to boycott the tea. The colonists demanded that this ship go back to Britain but it didn't so the unruly colonists climbed aboard the ship and destroyed, looted, and throw overboard everything. This was dumping massive amounts of revenue into the Boston Harbor.

The Battle of Lexington and Concord was the first battle of the war. It occurred when a British force attempted to confiscate arms from the Colonists they were surprised by a rag tag army and defeated. This gave the newly found "Americans" victory and confidence in the coming war. This surprised everyone and really changed the perspective on what this war would do, and it caused a lot of people to grow skeptical to the easy British win that many were predicting.

The Battle of Bunker Hill is probably the most well know battle in the War for Independence. This battle took place mostly on Breed's hill. It was between about 2,400 militia men and 3,000 British soldiers. The Battle started out well for the colonists when there defenses help up against British fire. When the British approached the colonists they were met a massive line of fire and had to retreat they did this again until the Colonists ran out of ammunition. Forcing them to retreat. This was the first major battle of the war and this also put an optimistic spin on the long fighting that was still ahead.

The Battle of Yorktown was the final battle of the Revolution. It was between 20600 colonists and 8980 British troops. 381 troops died in total. At this battle General Cornwallis surrendered to George Washington.

The First outcome of the was is quite obvious. This result made the nation that we have today. This put the start of our nation into action. Without this war this process could have been delayed for a long time. This separation from England also sparked a conflict know as the war of 1812.

This war also sparked the French Revolution. Since the French funded this war it caused them to go even deeper in debt than they were before. This caused even more unrest in modern day Canada. This was the first revolution of the America's.

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